Thursday, April 4, 2019

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The Secret Diary

Released Today, April 4th

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Barbara Goss


“Do you even know who your companion is?  She could be a con artist or a murderer for all you know.  You need to be careful, Grandmother.”
“Oh, Noah!  Of course, she’s not any of those things.  Your uncle Carl’s her minister, and he wouldn’t have recommended her if she wasn’t a decent woman.”
“Just the same,” he said, “I plan to run a check on her.  I assume her first name is Elizabeth?”
Betsy’s temper flared. She cleared her throat and walked into the room.  “Excuse me. My name is Elizabeth Ann Wheeler, and I’m an orphan from Quincy, Illinois. I’ve never been arrested or stolen anything in my life.”

Noah glared at Betsy.  “I didn’t intend to accuse you of anything. I’m protecting my grandmother.” 
“Or maybe protecting your inheritance.” Betsy glared back at him.   
Noah gasped inwardly. What an insolent woman.  At first, he’d been pleased to see her since he thought her an attractive woman whom he might like to know better despite her red hair. Noah had thought she was a friend of his grandmother’s, not an employee. But his grandmother was worth a lot of money and had valuables in her home.  She couldn’t just pick up strangers willy-nilly.  It was his job to look after her.
Noah was speechless. No woman had ever spoken to him like that.  Most of the few women in town fawned over him, but none of them were marriage material. He had to travel to St. Joseph to court a woman. He wasn’t courting anyone in particular at present which is why he’d hoped to know this woman better.  A pretty face wasn’t all there was to a person; this woman must have hat pins in her bustle.

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