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Silas’s Brides: Double Trouble - Book Twelve

P. Creeden

Bounty hunter, Silas Jones has never had any interest in marriage until he expressed interest at his family Thanksgiving. Then his mother and his sister each send him a bride at the same time!

Release date: February 1, 2024


Miss Iris: Sweet Historical Western Romance

The Brides of Fiddler's Gap Book 2

By Kit Morgan

A lonely rancher
A visiting heiress
And one Leopold Wadsworth III...

Iris Jameson wasn't about to be saddled with the likes of Leopold Wadsworth III. Her friend Penelope had already escaped the cad! And now Iris' parents want her to marry him? Ha! The arrogant snob could go jump in a lake for all she cared. Still, it was a sticky situation, and her only hope of quelling her parents' ludicrous plans was to go somewhere and lay low for a while. A long while. So, she did the only thing she could think of. She went to Fiddler's Gap to visit Penelope!

Release date: February 13, 2024  


Eclipsed by Love, Books 1-3

1878 Solar Eclipse Inspired Romance Book 1

By Zina Abbott

Mail Order Blythe – the book that started it all. Blythe is forced out of her job as a maid … the employer gives Blythe the ticket money to join the soldier at Fort Fred Steele in Wyoming Territory who agreed to marry her...Eli Morgan, a science and math instructor at the University of Iowa, …with two professor friends … traveled by railroad to remote Rawlins, Wyoming Territory …to view the 1878 total solar eclipse… he meets a young widow … Sensing she needs help, he takes her under his wing. …

A Bride for Devlin – Set mostly in Rawlins and the Little Snake River Valley, Wyoming Territory, Devlin is hired as a local sheriff by his ranching neighbors who are tired of the pervasive cattle rustling. Friend Jesse encourages him to join in seeking a wife through correspondence. …At first, Cassie likes the idea of her and younger sister, Dolly, marrying neighboring ranchers. When the man she wrote to does not respond, she decides against the pair. …

Lauren –…After years of investigating railroad crime in Nebraska, Jeb is assigned to search out and arrest the outlaws involved in a string of railroad robberies in Wyoming Territory….Jeb’s boss lines [Lauren] up as a confidential informant working at Rock Creek Station…. In exchange for a ticket to … She falls for Jeb, but knows she must honor her commitment to marry another.

Release Date: February 16, 2024


An Agent for Liana - Pinkerton Matchmakers Book 49

By Linda Carroll-Bradd

Loner Dale Claybourne spent the last five years as a dedicated and decorated Pinkerton agent. Confident in his abilities, he’s not afraid to face down thieves, swindlers and even murderers. But he quells at the mandate of having to train a female agent and, even worse, to marry her before receiving his next assignment.

Gregarious Liana LaFontaine served as a seamstress for the Denver Pinkerton Agency. Now she yearns for a taste of the adventurous life of being an agent. Her ability to speak several languages and her ease with getting people to talk are her strongest assets.

Impulsive by nature, Liana jumps into situations she doesn’t have the experience to handle. Dale fights his growing admiration for this French beauty while keeping close to guard her safety. At odds over almost everything, the pair has to solve the mystery of who is stealing from a Virginia City saloon—a task made even harder because of the wild attraction that shouldn’t be present in a marriage of convenience.

Release date: February 19, 2024


Margaret’s Wedding Dilemma: The Matchmaker and the Mother-in-Law

By P. Creeden

She’s fighting to save the family farm. He’s longing to prove himself. Together, their love might just set the world on fire.

Margaret Blackwood works dawn to dusk to keep her father’s beloved ranch alive, determined to stay out of debt while navigating a world intent on running roughshod over a single woman’s ambition. Virgil Stockton, still stinging from past mistakes, soars into Margaret’s dusty West Texas town in a zeppelin of his own invention, hoping to start fresh and find a purpose as spectacular as his fiery experiments. However, Virgil’s overbearing mother, Beatrice, descends on the fledgling couple, bent on snuffing out their romance before they even think of exchange vows. But Beatrice is about to find out she’s not the only firecracker in Blanco County.

Release date: February 20, 2024    


A Journey for Patience: The Reluctant Wagon Train Bride-Book 14

By Marisa Masterson

I am desperate to find my uncle. He has the map. How will I find Pa's buried stash without it?
Two things keep me from traveling on the wagon train that will take me to Fort Collins and to my uncle who is stationed there. The wagon master refuses to take on an unmarried woman with no father. The second is my younger sister.
--from the journal of Patience Mallory


This is a sweet Christian historical romance. If feisty pioneers or traditional western gunplay offends you, I suggest you avoid this book. If you love western romance and inspirational books, this one is for you!

Note--While the immediate conflict is resolved in the story, the plot will continue in A Journey for Christiana.
**Although part of a multi-author series, this book is completely standalone and not related to the other books in the series other than A Journey for Cristiana.**

Release date: February 20, 2024

Heaven Inspired Bridal Collection - Baker's Edition

By Kimberly Grist

What's Cooking? It must be Romance.- The Heaven Inspired Romance Bridal Collection - Bakers Edition contains three stories connected to the Heaven-Inspired matchmakers who worked together to create beauty from ashes.

A Baker for Bear
A debutante baker with a stammer. A compulsive widowed blacksmith with two young daughters. Will they find a way to coexist or even better, forge a romantic relationship?

Shoo-fly Pie by Selah
Can his mail-order bride handle the diversity that comes with her husband’s dangerous vocation? Together will they blend their opposing desires to create a recipe for love

Apple Pandowdy by Alice
Two men in competition to capture the heart of a cautious cook. Is this a recipe for disaster or true love?
Release date: February 21, 2024


Miss Arabella: Sweet Historical Western Romance -  The Brides of Fiddler's Gap Book 3

By Kit Morgan

A lonely hotel owner.
A woman hoping for a better future.
And the man that could ruin it all…

Arabella Driscoll answered an advertisement for a mail-order bride and got more than she bargained for. A lot more! Ellis Palmer was not only handsome, but the owner of a small, but beautiful hotel. So what if the town was made up of a handful of people? She could get used to living in a teeny tiny town if it meant marrying the handsome Ellis. He was everything she could want in a husband and more. Problem was, because of her, he not only broke his arm, but cracked a few ribs to boot! Who knew when they’d be married? In the meantime, she’d nurse him back to health. But a trip to the sheriff’s office threatens to tear her dreams apart. Will her future husband still want her if he finds out what the sheriff has locked up? Find out in this sweet, clean, western that delivers pure fun and romance!

Release date: February 27, 2024


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March releases:

Jocelyn's Wedding Dilemma: The Matchmaker and the Mother-in-Law

By Zina Abbott

     Jocelyn not only came to the realization that she reached the age of bordering on being a spinster, she also recognized why the local men did not choose to court her. She knew it was not because her looks or personality repelled men. She could sum it up in one word—Mama. Mama had always been opinionated and eager to tell others the best way to do things, but her tendency to insert herself into other people’s lives had grown ever since Papa died. Jocelyn knew, if she wished to find a husband, she needed the help of a matchmaker, an out-of-town address, and a lot of subterfuge.

     City born and educated Kent had chosen well when he purchased his remote ranch, hired his drovers, and worked his cattle. The one thing the region lacked was decent marriage prospects. After resorting to hiring a matchmaker service, and wading through letters from several women, he finally found a correspondent whose letter caught his interest. In spite of his impression she held something back, he sent the funds for her to join him for the purpose of marriage. After Jocelyn arrived, everything about her pleased him. Little did he know what would follow—or, more to the point—who.

Release date: March 5, 2024

Eclipsed by Love, Books 4-6 - 1878 Solar Eclipse Inspired Romance Book 2

By Zina Abbott

Figgy Pudding by Francine –After months of correspondence with a different professor, [Francine] travels to Iowa City over Christmas break to meet Jason in person. She brings her signature figgy pudding….Jason, astronomy professor at the University of Iowa, is drawn to Francine. … Perhaps finding the lucky coin in his serving of figgy pudding will help him put things in perspective.

Ellie – …Rand has no desire to marry. … he learns Eli Morgan, who foisted Ellie’s first letter onto him, sent her to join him. … Will Rand find more than dry bones of creatures lone dead on Como Bluff?

Loving Lila – Lila was sixteen when she traveled home to Denver with Francine… she viewed the 1878 solar eclipse and met famed female astronomer, Margaret Mitchell. … Years later in Iowa, she … intends to earn her four-year degree. Her plans change when she is called home because of the death of her father... David knows Lila intends to return to her classes in Iowa. Can he convince her to stay in Littleton and build a life with him and his family instead?

Release Date: March 8, 2024


An Agent for Dixie - Pinkerton Matchmakers Book 58

By Linda Carroll-Bradd

Foreign diplomacy is the Zivon family business but Alexei resists the polite constraints, not lasting a year in law school. The four successful years working as a Pinkerton agent prove he was meant to follow a different path. Now, he’s faced with the biggest challenge of his career—training a female agent who has no practical skills. Alexei figures he can convince her to just observe as he solves the case, because nothing will interfere with his success rate.

Since childhood, Dixie LaFontaine lived in her older sister’s shadow but applying to become a Pinkerton Agent is her first major decision. Being matched with confident Alexei is intimidating, especially when the assigned case involves them pretending to be brother and sister at a health spa where jewelry has gone missing. Dixie has no qualms about pretending to be a French heiress needing care for her arthritis. Soon, she falls victim to Alexei’s charm and realizes that hiding her feelings might be as hard as ferreting out the thief among the spa’s clientele.

Will Dixie focus on learning the skills of an agent, or will she concentrate on turning her marriage of convenience into a lasting love?

Release Date: March 14, 2024


Hiram's Brides - Book 14: Double Trouble

By Kimberly Grist

Two brides, a teacher, and an imposter. If anyone can sort out the truth, shouldn’t an experienced sheriff be the man for the job? His true bride is quickly losing confidence.
"Typical man, so easily bamboozled by a dimpled smile, flash of an ankle, and twisting skirt. It will serve him right if he marries the wrong woman."

Release date: March 15, 2024


Cowboy Justice - A Texas Rangers - Sutton Brother’s Romance Book 1

By P. Creeden

He lived and breathed the Texas Ranger code - until one woman’s siren song called him to turn renegade and gamble all he had for a future with her.

When Phineas Stockton leaves Boston where he was training for the Pinkerton Detective Agency, he returns to his hometown in San Marcos, Texas to find his brother has married and his mother has moved to a ranch of all places. But determined to make it on his own, he turns to his uncle and the Texas Rangers.

While in training, he has a perilous encounter with the leader of the notorious Deadwood Gang, which forces him to make tough decisions. Phineas’s quest for justice transforms into a trial by fire when he crosses paths with Charlotte Cody, forcing the stoic Texas Ranger to balance the Code of the West with the yearnings of his heart. Driven by his steadfast morals, Phineas pursues frontier justice, willing to risk it all for honor and love. But Charlotte has a past that could threaten their future together. Will their budding romance survive the harsh realities of the Code of the West? Or will vengeance and violence sabotage their chance at happiness?

Their devotion is tested through gripping adventures and perilous twists of fate.

Release date: March 25, 2024


Hazel Finds a Hero - Uncertain Sweethearts Book 2

By Marisa Masterson

Hazel Concord finds mysteries compelling. Soon after she arrives at the mission for the Kansa tribe, she learns about men illegally selling liquor to the Kansa men. When one of the boys confides about a new delivery of alcohol, she sneaks away to spy on the moonshiners.

She dreams of catching the lawbreakers. Unfortunately, they catch her. She escapes from the men, except they make it clear they know she is from the mission. That makes it impossible for her to return there.

Paul O’Hanlon returns home late from a trip to a nearby town. He picks up a passenger and starts on the adventure of his life with the lovely blonde.

What will it take to convince Hazel he is no hero. After all, he keeps saving her from dangerous scrapes. Will she ever love him and not some imagined hero?

Releases March 29, 2024


April Pre-orders:


Florence's Good Deed: Rejected Mail-Order Brides Book 6

By Zina Abbott

After being forced by a man who developed a fixation on her, Florence Crowley suspected she might be with child. Her sister recommended Florence seek a husband through correspondence—one who lived far, far away.

Rejected! At the end of a long train ride, her groom informs her he refuses to raise another man’s baby. He buys a return ticket but does not provide additional cash for food, Florence’s funds are limited. By the time she arrives in Columbus, Ohio, in order to eat, she is reduced to begging.

Recently mustered out of the U.S. Army, Asher Henderson stops in Columbus, Ohio, on his way to New York. Always a flirt, he first steers his friend, a German-speaking former soldier, toward a woman who does not speak English. He then pursues a beautiful young woman pleading for food money. For amusement, why not buy her a meal in exchange for a few hours of harmless teasing? When Florence suggests a potentially dangerous scheme to help the German-speaking woman, Ash’s attitude changes. He volunteers to protect her.

Florence is drawn to the former soldier but worries he might try to take advantage like the man who left her carrying a child. However, she cannot resist his offer to escort her to her sister’s home. Will she ever see him after that, or will he end up being nothing more than a fond memory—a man who momentarily helped during a time of crisis?

If you read Elise in the Rescue Me (Mail-order Brides) series, then you met Florence and Asher. However, Florence’s Good Deed is written to be a stand-alone story.

Release date: April 15, 2024


A Journey for Christiana: A Reluctant Wagon Train Bride-Book 18

By Marisa Masterson

A grumpy man meets a strong-minded woman. You bet the sparks are flying!

(This book is the sequel to A Journey for Patience. Reading that one first will enhance a reader's enjoyment of this romantic novel.)

Christiana Mallory has no choice but agree to become Moody Dutton's cook. After all, her sister Patience insists that each of them has to find a way to join the wagon train headed south. Patience is determined to retrieve a map showing where their pa hid a jar filled with gold coins.
When Patience immediately marries Moody's cousin, Christiana is determined not to do the same. She holds Moody at a distance, fighting with him so that she won't give in and make calf eyes in his direction.
Only, when danger threatens her sister's life, Christiana truly sees Moody for the protective man he is, and she wants him. The problem is that she was too successful at putting a wall between them.

How will she convince him see that she is no longer a reluctant bride but is a woman eager to marry him? Will they survive the trail to find their happily ever after?

Western adventure from a Christian worldview awaits you in this book. Get cozy and enjoy the romance.

Release date: April 16, 2024

A Marshal for Constance

By P. Creeden

Gerald Tucker leaves the ranch in San Marcos, Texas, to find himself after losing the only woman he'd ever thought he'd loved. Uncertain of his future, he finds an advertisement for a US Marshals training camp in Silverwood California.

Release date: April 20, 2024


Jana: Prairie Roses Collection - Book 41

By Linda Carroll-Bradd

Jana Luykan is desperate to move with her sixteen-year-old brother, Marco, to their aunt and uncle’s farm in California. For the past six months since their mother’s death, she has struggled to keep him in school and out of mischief. In Council Bluffs during the final days before joining a westbound company, Jana is shocked to arrive home from her evening job to find Marco bleeding and two ruffians insisting they’re joining the Luykans on the wagon train. If she doesn’t agree, then they’ll tell the sheriff about Marco’s participation in a saloon robbery. She’ll do anything to protect her brother—even pretending these men are her cousins.

Bounty hunter Rik Sanderson trails two bank robbers to Council Bluffs. This pair has proved elusive over the past month, and he’s anxious to capture them and collect the bounty. About to give up, he spots them in a group of pioneers signing up with a wagon train company. He gets a job as a hunter for the company, figuring he’ll wait the week until they reach Fort Kearney to turn them in there. When he realizes they are holding a woman, who he aided in a saloon scuffle, and her brother hostage, Rik vows to watch over the innocents.

By the time the wagon train reaches the fort, Jana is a wreck from keeping up the pretense of the two strangers in her camp. Mister Sanderson seems to always be watching—an action that doesn’t soothe her nerves. She’s afraid he knows of Marco’s involvement with the robbery. Rik confides his suspicions about her “cousins” and that he’ll turn them over to authorities the next day. Jana begs him not to arrest Marco. The fort commander extracts a pledge from Rik to see Jana and Marco get to California safely and performs a marriage—for propriety’s sake. Rik struggles against his long-held vow not to get personally involved but realizes he can be a good influence on the young man…an influence he never had growing up.

The grueling trip tests the strength and endurance of this makeshift family. Will the challenges pull them apart or force them to cleave to one another for survival?

Release date: April 26, 2024



Gianna's Wedding Dilemma: The Matchmaker and The Mother-In-Law

By Linda Carroll-Bradd

Tired of the limited chances to meet eligible men, governess Gianna Rafaello turns to a matchmaker for help. After reviewing the profiles of three men, Gianna starts a correspondence with a businessman, Blake Wymer, in Pueblo, Colorado. Within a few weeks, she recognizes their life goals are aligned and accepts his request to travel to meet in person. Gianna has always wanted to live in a small town, and everything seems rosy…until she meets his disapproving mother.

As the oldest Wymer sibling, Blake inherited the family’s furniture store upon his father’s death three years earlier. Thinking he was letting her work out her grief, he allowed his mother, Elfrida, to continue making the company decisions. But he and his brother, Axton, want to modernize, and Mother resists. She is also dead-set on Blake being married by year’s end and invites single women to supper. Without revealing his plans, Blake is smitten with a woman he’s been corresponding with and has invited her to town.

Gianna arrives, and the two feel destined to be together. As expected, Elfrida is livid. Can Blake stand up to his mother for the first time in his life to save this budding love?

Release date: April 30, 2024