Pauline Creeden

Pauline Creeden is USA Today Bestselling and award-winning author of inventive and inspirational stories, entwining real-world problems with fantasy characters. She spends most of her day caring for the many animals around the horse farm and mentoring kids in horsemanship. Still, she finds time to play Pokemon and binge on Kdramas.

Pauline is writing American historical romance as P. Creeden. 

Books by P. Creeden:

Promise of Home

A daring young woman with a disability. An orphan train filled with hope. A dream that won't be denied. 

Julia is a deaf girl raised as an orphan who is working with the Children’s Aid Society to help find homes across the country for orphans from New York. But each time one of the orphans she’s grown close to is adopted, she finds her heart breaking. And the farther the train goes, the farther from home she feels. 

But feelings can be deceiving. And there might just be a home waiting for her at the end of the journey she didn’t expect. Available on Amazon: CLICK HERE.

Brokken Rising

Even the broken can be healed...

Rebecca Walsh has only ever had two loves, her family and horses. But when her father and brother died in the Civil War, her family is left as broken as her home town. When the town sent an advertisement for mail-order grooms, Rebecca didn't have much interest in wooing one. She just hoped the men might save her town, so her family could stay in the only home they'd ever known.

Jake Harper came to Brokken, Texas to leave his name and his past behind. He hoped to find a future that would help him forget the mistakes he'd made. But one of the other "leftover" men in town has been keeping an eye on Jake and his past might be catching up with him. And as he draws closer to Rebecca, his fears multiply. Available on Amazon: CLICK HERE

Heart and Home

Jacob is bad luck, and Caroline is stuck in the past. Can both of them get past their difficulties to find family together at Thanksgiving?

When Caroline moved from her hometown in Pennsylvania to the Montana Territory, she had two things that convinced her to move—her husband, and the children who needed her as a teacher in the small mining town. But when her husband died in an accident, only the children have kept her in Helena for the past few years. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Caroline misses having her family and friends to connect to, but she still has the children who need her. And then when the mayor hires an out-of-work miner to repair the schoolhouse, Caroline wonders if she can help fulfill the needs of others in the spirit of the season. Available on Amazon: CLICK HERE

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