Marisa Masterson

About Marisa Masterson:

The smiling teacher-- That's what her students called her. Marisa spent twenty-two years teaching writing and literature, loving almost every minute of it. 

After a disability kept her from teaching from the tops of desks, she wondered how she could still impact others. Fast forward to 2021. After twenty-four books, she loves the connection she has found with readers. In fact, she would love to connect with you as well.

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The Teacher's Star

Rustlers and a mystified marshal. A treasure map and a missing child. Why does nothing make sense to this smart teacher? 

Available on Amazon.

Ruby's Risk

She married to gain a family. This mail-order bride wasn't about to let anyone harm them!

 A Bride for Darrell

If Darrell Dean wants to inherit half of the Silver Queen mine, he needs to marry. Though he doesn't even like the girl, he agrees to marry the local Saloon owner's daughter. Available on Amazon.

 Hart's Longing

A man who has loved her for five years…A secret that keeps them apart… Available on Amazon.

A Shadowed Groom for Christmas

She's married to man and has never seen his face. Will she live to see it?
Available on Amazon.

A Bride for Bode

Will an abandoned baby keep her married to a stranger? Available on Amazon.

Grace for a Drifter

He thought she was dead. She thought her past would never catch up with her. Now, a murder will either bring them together or make her own death very real! Available on Amazon.

A Farmer for Christmas

Will this mail-order bride give four motherless girls a Christmas to remember or will her husband stand in her way? Available on Amazon.

Manny's Triumph

A struggle with white slaves...A marriage of convenience...
What else will this heroine face? Available on

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