Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs

Books in the Series:

1.      Perfectly Mismatched by Linda Carroll-Bradd

To escape her family’s shame, socialite Aurelia Northcliffe is running to a new home and a new name. She runs into Prosperity Mine Manager Declan MacNeill who prides himself on following rules to the letter. 

2.      Ellen’s Lesson by Patricia PacJac Carroll

She's a blond, blue-eyed beauty. (Well, not exactly.) He's a handsome, prosperous gentleman from a good family. (Yeah, not so much.) With their letters at odds, what will Tyler and Ellen do when they meet and discover the truth? It's a mail order bride mess.

3.      Aaron’s Annulment Bride by Zina Abbott

Believing she’s unworthy to be any man’s wife, Andrea Dalton marries Aaron Brinks so he can get title to a mining company house. But now she wants an annulment. Can he convince her to stay?

4.      The Sheriff and the Miner’s Daughter by P. A. Estelle

Sheriff Jim Hawkins wants to know why Charlene is looking for some crusty old miner. Then there is the mule.

5.      Minding Benji by Sandra E Sinclair

Prudence Fairchild went from riches to rags. Austin Alwin must marry soon to inherit. Neither anticipated Benji.

6.      Cat’s Meow by Zina Abbott

Catherine Everett loves tall, lanky miner, Harold Calloway. She wants to marry him, but there is one “meowly” little problem.

7.      Bargain Bessie by Zina Abbott

Bessie Carlson, a confirmed spinster, meets Zeb Jacobson, a successful Monarch Bend rancher who is NOT pushing forty.

8.      A Good Man Comes Around by Heather Blanton

Abigail Holt has a list of qualifications for her groom. Oliver Martin doesn’t measure up. But sometimes a good man comes back around.

9.      Perfectly Unscripted  by Linda Carroll-Bradd

Is the shared danger the lure between these individuals, or did Rilleta and Wit discover they have much more to offer one another?

10.    Blind Affection by Sandra E. Sinclair

Broken and scarred by the tragic events in their past. Can Lily and Wythe heal and build a loving future together?

11.    Dead-SetDelphinia  by Zina Abbott

Delphinia is dead set on being married within a week before her father can track her down. Bennett is dead set on continuing to muddle through life on his own.

12.    Gambled Pride by Sandra E Sinclair

Beg Wilson is running from his past. Rachel is chasing her future.

13.    Perfectly Unacceptable by Linda Carroll-Bradd

Jared Manning has been turned down twice and is taking no chances. Dina has been left with no other options.

14.    Captured Heart  by Sandra E Sinclair

Steve Kelly’s Mail Order surprise!

15.    EvasiveEddie Joe  by Zina Abbott

Cowboy vs. the miners – who will marry the bride?

16.    Hope Eternal  by Sandra E Sinclair

She wants forgiveness. He’s trying to protect his wife.

17.    The Christmas Outlaw  by P. A. Estelle

It’s almost Christmas Eve, the day of her wedding.  How can the happiest time of her life become the most terrifying?

18.    Two Sisters and the Christmas Groom by Zina Abbott

Annie came to Jubilee Springs to work as a maid. Kate came as a mail order bride to marry local miner Michael. What could go wrong?


19.    Nathan's Nurse by Zina Abbott

How can she marry a man too injured to know who she is?

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