Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Driving Lillian

You met Lillian and Vernon in Pearl's Will.
Now read about their courting.
It's 1910 and motorcars are new and exciting, and not many women drive them.
Does Vernon teach her to drive? If he does what does she accomplish with it.

I'm excited to tell you Lillian and Vernon's story. They met in Pearl's Will and desperately wanted to get together. They have exciting times as they navigate the social morays of the day. 

 Lillian Miller loved all the new inventions, especially the motorcars. Working at Bavarian Jewelry and Watch Repair Shop, her family’s jewelry store, she figured she’d never have a chance. Then she met Dr. Vernon Strasser.

Vernon had recently moved to St. Joseph, Missouri to begin his medical practice. When a lovely young lady rushes in saying she needed a doctor, he follows with more than medicine on his mind.

Will Lillian be able to convince him to teach her to drive? Can Vernon handle the exuberance of the lady he wants to court? What are the men who keep coming into the shop wanting, and will it keep them apart?

Here's a snippet:

They’d reached the end of the lake and Vernon turned the canoe around. There were weeping willow trees all along the shoreline, hanging out over the water. He guided the craft into the shadows, allowing the branches to enclose them.

The sunshine peeking through the leaves dappled his face. Lillian wished they were back in the Old Mill Waterway ride at the amusement park. She had been so close to him then. He’d first kissed her there. She was all the way at the other end of the canoe. With it being so tipsy, there was no way they could steal any kisses here.

“Maybe we should have taken a johnboat instead of a canoe,” Vernon said, his eyes intent on her lips.

“No maybe about it.” Lillian licked her lips.

The canoe stopped as Vernon held the paddle across his knees. They sat staring at each other.

A rock hit something above them, thrown by a boy on the shore. It plunked next to the canoe. Vernon’s eyes widened, his mouth open in horror. Lillian turned to see, then jumped up, trying to get to him as she saw a hornet’s nest drop into the water just ahead of the canoe. The canoe jerked with her movement. Vernon reached for her. An angry buzzing rose behind her. As the canoe tipped, Lillian gave a scream that was cut off as she landed in the water.

Sophie Dawson is an award-winning author of romance, both historical and contemporary. An eclectic conglomeration of interests and accomplishments, she has made up stories in her head all her life. Now she types them out. Her critically acclaimed series include Cottonwood, Stones Creek, and Love’s Infestation. She’s been part of several Multi-Author projects including, Silverpines, Lockets and Lace, The Pinkerton Matchmaker, and Java Cupid.


  1. What a great time period to set a novel, and these characters sound like so much fun. Doris

  2. I love this time period - it sounds like a great read