Monday, October 31, 2022

Look what our authors published in October!

Our authors have been busy writing and publishing books this past month. Here is what we published in October, 2022

Loving Lila: Thanksgiving Brides Book 1

By Zina Abbott

A time for love in nineteenth century America, a time to be thankful.

Shortly before Thanksgiving, 1881, Lila Cleod is called home from the Iowa City, Iowa, where she works as a nanny and attends the University of Iowa. However, this Thanksgiving, she doubts she will find much to celebrate or be thankful for. Her father has died. After the funeral, she will learn if he left her, his oldest daughter by his first marriage, anything in his will. She suspects his second wife and Lila’s half-brother, three-year-old Wellborn, will get the lion’s share. Will she be able to complete her course of study and qualify to become a teacher?

David Manchester, Junior, having been sent by his father to escort his three younger half-siblings home from a visit to their New York grandparents he does not share, looks forward to returning to his job as his father’s assistant on Littleton, Colorado’s Highline Canal construction project. After reboarding the train in Iowa City, Iowa, his siblings point out a young woman dressed in mourning clothes sitting within the pair of facing benches they formerly occupied. What David notices is the obnoxious, middle-aged drummer leaning over the back of her bench and placing his face too close to her ear. The man's loud bragging had annoyed David since boarding in Chicago. Deciding to not only reclaim his former seats, but hopefully, to rescue the young woman without adding to her discomfort, siblings in hand, he makes a bold move.

Will this Thanksgiving season bring Lila only sorrow, or will it include the promise of love and future blessings?

Released October 10, 2022


Molasses Cookies by Minnie: Old Timey Holiday Kitchen Book 17

By Marisa Masterson

Two adjoining claims. Two broken hearts.

Minnie Carver has a brother and sister to provide for and no way to do it. The sudden announcement a run for land in Oklahoma seems sent straight from the Lord.

Reg Baker knows his brother will inherit the family's store--the same brother who married Reg's fiancée. When his father reads about the proposed Oklahoma Land Run, the man offers what Reg will need to set up a store. If only his father could heal his son's broken heart as easily.

Will a rival store owner's gossip ruin the one chance that Minnie and Reg have at healing and true happiness?

Released October 11, 2022


Ellie: Runaway Brides of the West - Book 13

By Zina Abbott

          Ellie is on the run from a marriage being forced upon her by her uncle. Her only chance of escape is the man to whom she had been writing for a year. If only his letters spoke of more than friendship.

          Paleontologist Rand avoids becoming entangled in marriage. A wife would expect him to stay home with family instead of spending his summers digging for his beloved dinosaur and mammoth bones.

          When Ellie arrives in Iowa City, only to discover Rand is gone, his friends send her to the wilderness of southern Wyoming. Will she find love amidst the dirt and rocks or only bones of creatures long dead?

Released October 22, 2022


Dear Miss Le Blanc: A Sweet Historical Western Romance (Mail-Order Bride Ink Book 14)

By Kit Morgan

One unsuspecting Frenchwoman
One unwilling ranch hand
And a whole town full of would be matchmakers...

Fantine LeBlanc is the assistant to the famous matchmaker, Mrs. Pettigrew. The job came with a lot of perks, one of which was getting to travel with Madame Pettigrew to the famous little town of Clear Creek. And they weren't going alone. Madame was bringing Gibbs the butler and Mr. Tugs, her ancient gardener along. Toss in members of the Colorado Adventure Club, a few extra guests, and the trip was going to be an adventure indeed. Clear Creek may never survive it. Or, was it going to be the other way around? Clear Creek was full of more than a few oddities. When some residents fancy themselves better matchmakers than Mrs. Pettigrew, they set out to prove it. Enjoy this sweet, clean romance as only Kit Morgan can deliver!

Released October 31, 2022


Not all of our authors make their books available on pre-order. However, for those who do, those advance sales go a long way toward boosting their sales rankings. Here are future releases:

Pre-orders for November:

Olive : Christmas Quilt Brides Book 1

By Kimberly Grist

A woman running from her past, a confirmed bachelor determined to protect his heart, and a town committed to sharing the Christmas spirit by matchmaking. Can a Christmas quilt be the spark that ignites their love, melts their stubborn resolve, and uncovers their hidden desire?

Twenty-one-year-old Olive is sick of living her father's lifestyle as an itinerant preacher turned peddler. The latest tar-and-feather incident has made her desperate enough to enlist in a matchmaking venture, of all things—anything to escape further humiliation. Olive accepts a job as a seamstress in Carrie Town, Texas, where single men outnumber women thirty to one. But the last thing on her mind is matrimony. No man is going to tell her how to live her life. Olive would rather spend the rest of her life chained to a sewing machine.

November 11, 2022


Marigold: Christmas Quilt Brides Book 2

By Zina Abbott

She never wanted children of her own.
He never wanted a wife.
Without a family to care about him, he could end up in an orphanage.

Content with being a spinster schoolteacher, Marigold Calloway never thought she was the kind of woman who wanted her own children. She never suspected she had a maternal bone in her body until, after her younger sister, Rose, whom Marigold had raised from the time the girls were orphaned, married. Rose wishes to stay close to Marigold and enjoy her sister’s company on occasion, but she no longer needs Marigold to order her life.

Marigold discovers one of her young students is in dire straits. It soon becomes apparent the boy needs a new home. Caring for him and his dying mother fills the void in her heart. Unfortunately, the law requires that she must be married before she can apply for guardianship.

After mustering out of the Army, George Jenson is unsure about his future. The only skill he gained he might find useful in civilian life was constructing housing and other buildings for the forts dotting the frontier West. A confirmed bachelor, he moves in with his brother, who claimed a homestead parcel in the 1893 Cherokee Outlet Land Run. Located near booming Ponca City, surely, with all the new homes and businesses that need to be built, he should be able to find work. He accepts a job to help the take-charge schoolmarm build her house. Will something greater build between him and Marigold?

If you enjoyed reading about Rose Calloway’s romance in Joshua’s Bride, you will also enjoy reading about her older sister’s romance.

Releases November 18, 2022


Cherishing Caitlin : Thanksgiving Brides Book 6

By Linda Carroll-Bradd

Returning from caring for a sick aunt, Caitlyn O’Mara travels back to the ranch, anxious to return to her horse breeding program. A charming stranger boards the stagecoach, and she enjoys a flirtation. When a broken wheel rolls the coach, everyone is injured and alone on the Texas prairie.

Mateo Beltran is on his way to investigate specially trained horses. He’s on the lookout for cutting horses to give him the edge for the roping event in the newly established professional rodeo. An accident leaves him injured with his future career in jeopardy.

Determined they are the most physically fit, Caitlyn and Mateo lean on each other to reach the next stagecoach stop. Trust develops but will it last when they discover an unknown connection?

Releases November 21, 2022


Noelle:  Christmas Quilt Brides Book 3

By Jo-Ann Roberts

A widow reluctant to love again…
A deputy determined to win her heart…

Two years ago, Noelle Prentiss lost her husband to an outlaw’s bullet. With two children to raise, a small farm to tend, and a job making quilts to sell at the mercantile, she’s doing her best to keep her property and life intact…until a man claiming to be the new deputy rides into her life captivating her children with his dog, his smile, and his easy-going charm.

When Coleman West agrees to stop by the Widow Prentiss’ home on his first day as a deputy in a small Kansas town, he has no way of knowing obeying the sheriff’s order will change his life. Spurned by love years before, he became a lawman, dedicated to protect and serve. Yet, here in Harmon he had no idea the widow and her children would call to his heart like no one before.
With Christmas looming, will the growing attraction between Noelle and the deputy to reveal the gift of a second chance?

Or could a stranger from the deputy’s past threaten the man who captures her heart?

Releases November 25, 2022  


Bethel: Runaway Brides of The West - Book 19

By Kimberly Grist

She’s shaking off the dust of her well-worn boots, not looking back and hoping for a transformation. All she needs is a new dress, a new town, a husband, and a fresh start.

Daughter of a traveling merchant, Bethel is tired of peddling her Daddy’s Special Sauce and being run out of town by every sheriff east of the Mississippi. That’s why she’s heading west. She just needs to sell a few more bottles to help fund her trip. After all, who wants to meet their new husband looking like a gypsy? If only she could shake off this pesky sheriff waiting at the stage stop.

Releases November 28, 2022


Wilhemina: Sweet Western Historical Romance (The Snows of Clear Creek Book 1)

By Kit Morgan

An Angry Woman
An Unsuspecting Cowboy
And Two Inept Matchmakers...

Wilhemina Snow never wanted to leave her comfortable home in New York nor her friends. So when her father moves the family to a nothing of a town in Oregon called Clear Creek, she’s beyond furious, Unfortunately, there’s nothing she can do about it. Her father runs a tight ship and mutiny was not an option. He wanted his children raised in a small, out of the way town and that was that. But the Snows weren’t your normal family, and Clear Creek, they soon learned, wasn’t your normal town. The Snows kept exotic animals. Clear Creek had strange residents. How could they make a life here? And how was she to get past her anger at the entire situation?

Baird O’Hare had seen some shrews in his day, but none as bad as Wilhemina Snow. She was driving everyone in Clear Creek plumb loco! What was her problem? True, the Snows were a little different and had some interesting pets, but Wilhemina was just plain angry and was taking it out on anyone within reach. What could have happened to her to make her so disagreeable? And why was he becoming so attracted? Find out in this sweet historical western romance as only Kit Morgan can deliver!

Releases November 30, 2022


Pre-orders for December:


Holle: Christmas Quilt Brides book 4

By Linda Carroll-Bradd

In Holle Lambrecht’s experience, love is a curse. She’s been engaged twice but remains unmarried. Her first fiancĂ© died, and the second one jilted her two days before the wedding. Then the man who paid for her train ticket to bring her to Montana as a mail-order bride rejected her because of her partial deafness. Abandoned, she must find a job and settles in a working-class neighborhood just like the one she hoped to escape.

Widower Eduard Lambrecht discovers his late wife’s Christmas quilt suffered in storage since the last season. He takes it to a seamstress shop, where he learns the woman with the skills to repair it is also the mail-order bride his cousin rejected. Unaccustomed to facing open hostility, he works to gain the woman’s trust. A near tragedy draws them close, but is it enough to base a future on?

Releases December 2, 2022


Winnie's Christmas Wishes: Westward Home and Hearts

By Marisa Masterson

Winnie Simpson knows why people like her. She works hard and tries to make all their wishes come true. She's determined to do the same for her husband when she travels to be a mail order bride.

Surprisingly, her new family doesn't appreciate what she does. Her husband only smiles kindly and nods after each meal. His son does the same whenever she does something for them. Impersonal and polite. And the daughter is a terror.

Winnie is sure that giving them the perfect Christmas will win their love. This Christmas, Winnie will receive the gift of understanding the real love.

Releases December 9, 2022


Sylvia's Secret : The Suffrage Spinsters Book 5

By Marisa Masterson

Sylvia makes up her mind to no longer be the "good daughter". Not when it involves something as important as having the right to vote. Besides that, she's nearly thirty-years-old--definitely a spinster!
Seconds and third thoughts have her looking for a way to both protest and still seem like the good daughter. Her disguise is perfect. At least until one man sees past it during a protest march.
How far will Washington Frasier take his blackmail? All the way to the altar?

If you enjoy sweet romance with a historical flavor, then sink into a chair and start reading.Sylvia's Secret.

Releases December 27, 2022