Monday, February 28, 2022

Look what our authors published in February!

Our authors have been busy writing and publishing books this past month. Here is what we published in February:


A Match for Maggie: Marianne's Mail Order Bride Book #13

By Marisa Masterson

Please note--Maggie Jorgensen first appeared in Mail Order Lucy. This novella continues the conflict first introduced in that novel. (Approximately 20,000 words.)

Maggie Jorgensen knows an escaped criminal is stalking her. U.S. marshal Reg Parker has a solution--send her to Denver as a mail-order bride.
After his passionate kiss, Maggie is confused. Why would Reg send her to another man? And why is her Denver groom missing?

Released February 1., 2022


His Saving Grace (Clear Creek Brides Book 5)

By Kit Morgan

One Lonely Spinster
A Reluctant Cowboy
What happens next is anyone's guess ...

Eleanora Adams watched her three best friends marry recently, and was now truly alone. What hope did she have of finding a husband? Her friends got lucky, that's all. Besides, there weren't many young gentlemen left in Clear Creek. Worse, she was related to half of them! At this rate, only by God's saving grace would she find a husband. But then something happens in Clear Creek that hasn't before, and the whole town is a buzz with the news! Could this be the answer to her prayers?
Find out in this sweet, clean, historical romance full of fun, hope and love!

Released on February 11, 2022


Abilene Gamble: Gamble on Judgment Book 1

by Zina Abbott

          Harry Bradford is a lawyer and sometimes detective. Some call him a bounty hunter. With half of his face torn to pieces toward the end of the Civil War, people turn away from him. He fled his native Indiana where people did not wish to hire anyone who reminded them of the war. He hoped to find among the drovers, stock yards, railroads, homesteaders and trouble-making drifters pouring into Abilene, Kansas, during the hey-day of the cattle drives enough work to provide a reason to keep living.

          Stella Schoenfeld, raised in the well-to-do merchant class of Indianapolis, tracks her runaway brother, Nathan, to Abilene. She is desperate to settle their father’s estate so she can move forward with her life. In spite of the warrant out for his arrest related to the incident that left her scarred visibly—and in other ways not visible—she comes to bring him home. 

          While Harry guides Stella around Abilene, he realizes they have a connection neither would have guessed. Driven by revenge, Harry agrees to find her brother but not for the reason she expects, even though he knows it will cost him the only woman he has ever dared to love.

Released February 18, 2022


Ruby's Choice: Courting Chaos - Book 6

Annee Jones

20-year-old Ruby Gale has a secret.

       She’s decided to use a little of the inheritance money she and her brother received following the death of their parents to start a card-making business, just like several of the other women she knows in the small community of Divine, CO. Valentine’ Day is just around the corner, so the timing couldn’t be better. Because some of the married ladies suspect their husbands may not exactly welcome the idea of their wives working, it’s decided that the card-marking activity will take place under the guise of tea parties (which no man would have any interest in attending, after all). 

       However, once the talk amongst the unwed members of the group - including Ruby - turns to prospective beaus and secret crushes, unsigned valentines begin showing up in the hands of the most eligible bachelors all over town. Rumors and speculations abound, and everyone thinks they know who’s sweet on who. Suddenly, Ruby not only has to sort out the real secret admirers, but also answer the question of which man to give her own heart.

Released February 22, 2022


A Match for the Cowboy (Pettigrew Matchmakers Book 2)

By Kit Morgan

An ancient butler 
A lonely cowboy
And one inquisitive heiress

When Mrs. Adelia Pettigrew started her matchmaking school, the least likely person to become a student was her 90 year old butler, Mr. Tugs. But here he was, tasked with bringing two young people together to find true love. Problem was, Mr. Tugs wasn't quick on his feet. In fact, he wasn't quick at all. It took him forever to get from one end of Mrs. Pettigrew's mansion to the other. How was he to keep up with two young people? The only ones he could think of to help were Mr. Gibbs and Mrs. Fraser, and they were questionable at best. He wasn't sure the younger butler liked him, and Mrs. Fraser, (Mrs. Pettigrew's cook) kept weapons in the breadbox. How was he going to pull this off?

 Released February 28, 2022

Not all of our authors put their books on pre-order. For those who do, advance sales help their sales ranking and are greatly appreciated.

Pre-orders for March:


Regina's Replacement: The Reclusive Man Series, Book 5

By Marisa Masterson

Joshua Gibson had enough courage to save his uncle. He’s not brave enough to show his face in town after being badly burned in the rescue.

Regina Richardson decided marriage to a stranger was better than living through a war that had nothing to do with her. After Union troops brought a battle near to her farm, she grabs at the chance to marry a man in Minnesota. Only, she discovers the man has never lived in the town where she’s told to go.
A desperate aunt and uncle see this as a God sent opportunity for their hermit nephew. Will Regina find the love of her life or will she end up with one more burden to bear?

And what about the man killed at Joshua’s farm the night that he was burned? How will the couple protect themselves when Joshua and Regina have no idea that revenge stalks them?

Releases March 2, 2022


Audie's Audacious Bride: (Matchmaker's Mix-Up Book 17)

By Kimberly Grist

When disappointed hopes collide – Will a wilting mail-order bride muster enough resolve to soften a hardened rancher’s heart?

Faith Fairchild is destitute and has no other choice but to comply with her late father’s last wish—to find a husband through a matchmaking service. As a pastor’s daughter, she trusts his advice but believes hard work and commitment combined with a bit of romance will give her the desired goal of “happily ever after.”

Her application reads, “I’m at my best when surrounded by others. My ideal husband will live in town. Perhaps a tailor, shopkeeper, or someone running a diner. I am a hard worker, love to cook and sew, and would love the opportunity of working side by side as partners.”

Ranch owner Audie Harris has one single goal – to make the family ranch a success and secure it for future generations. He needs a wife who understands that the isolation and hard work of cattle farming are necessary to achieve his goal. With a young sister to raise and numerous ranch hands to feed, his application for a suitable wife reads, “a woman of robust stock, a good cook, and willing to produce a houseful of children.”

What does he get? “I asked for a practical woman with ranch experience, and they send me a Southern Belle who has more petticoats than she does sense.”

Can this mismatched couple blaze a trail to form a partnership of the romantic kind?

Relases on March 15, 2022

Twyla's Choice: Courting Chaos - Book 8

By Linda Carroll-Bradd

Socialite Twyla Wyndham travels west from Providence, Rhode Island, to help her ailing, widowed great-aunt in Lovington, CO. The trip is a welcome excuse to escape the mandated soirees and balls where Twyla is bored with the men within the family’s circle. At the train depot, Twyla sees men falling over themselves to help her. Only when Twyla gets there, she realizes Auntie Beverley is not ailing but serves as the gossipy postmistress for the town and wants to retire. She’s also a bit of a matchmaker. Within hours, eager suitors start lining up at the postal counter. The men pursue diverse occupations and have such different personalities. How can Twyla possibly choose?

Releases March 15, 2022


Indianapolis Justice: Gamble on Judgment Book 2

Zina Abbott

     Now that Stella Schoenfeld has been reunited with her brother, Nathan, she returns to their home city of Indianapolis. Much to her chagrin, Nathan is transported home as Harry Bradford’s prisoner. While still in Abilene, she felt drawn to the part-time lawyer, part-time detective—a man many called a bounty hunter. However, now she knows Harry’s purpose for finding Nathan was not so she could convince her brother to settle their father’s estate, but so Harry could collect the reward for Nathan’s return, can she trust him?

     Because of the gruesome scars he bears on half his face as a result of being on the steamboat Sultana when the boilers exploded, Harry Bradford has resigned himself to having no connection with women other than to represent them on legal matters. As much as he longs to grow closer to Stella, it is his own grudge against the man who attacked and disfigured her that motivates him to take the biggest gamble of his life. He knows the murder charges against Nathan, who only sought to protect his sister, are false.

     During the trial, a startling secret is revealed. After the gossips and newspaper accounts sensationalize her situation, dare Stella ever again show her face in Indianapolis?

     While Harry, Stella, and Nathan face the judgment of public opinion, Harry must set aside his own resentments to fight for justice. Can he clear Nathan of the false murder charges? Can Harry gain freedom for his client without losing his heart to Stella?

Releases March 15, 2022



Pre-Orders for April:


Pearl: Prairie Roses Collection - Book 16

By Zina Abbott

Man goes to mountaintops to pray. Woman, caring for hearth and home, stays too busy to climb, so God comes to her.

Because Pearl has no acceptable marriage prospects she considers acceptable, when her father decides to sell out and join her brothers in Oregon Territory, she must go, too. Her discontent increases when, not far from South Pass, a middle-aged widower and self-subscribed preacher with four children—whose wife recently drowned during a river crossing--walks down from a nearby mountain and informs Pearl that God decreed she is to marry him.

Pearl has no desire to marry the sanctimonious and overbearing widower. She reads her Holy Bible. She prays. She diligently strives to honor her father and bear her burdens with patience, but enough is enough. If God wants to tell someone whom she should marry, He can tell her. She has no time to climb mountains. Will God answer the prayers she offers as she performs the tasks of everyday life?

Michael Stanwyck has no room in his life for marriage and family. After the death of his father, Michael takes his portion of the inheritance and buys his own dry goods—enough to fill three freight wagons he’ll accompany to the gold fields of California. He comes across one brown-haired beauty more than once. Although curious why she remains unmarried, it is none of his business. Then he finds her alone on the trail several days past Fort Hall with her family wagon and a lame ox. He learns her father recently died, and, because she refused to marry in order for a man take charge of her and her wagon, for the peace and security of the wagon train, she was ordered to leave.

Can Michael, in good conscience, continue on to California and leave Pearl to return alone to Fort Hall, where only an uncertain future awaits?

Releases April 26, 2022


Glory: Prairie Roses Collection-Book 17

By Marisa Masterson

Pikes Peak Or Bust! Glory’s father catches a fever—gold fever.

While it’s late in the season to start out, a wagon train forms to head to Colorado. She has no choice but to go with her father, leaving in late July.

The trip will be only 6oo miles. Easily done before snow falls. What could go wrong?

Glory will learn the answer to that on the trail. An answer that leads to a rushed marriage at the wrong time with a man who's simply Heaven sent.

Releases April 27, 2022



Pre-orders for May:


Amity: Prairie Roses Collection - Book 21

By Linda Carroll-Bradd

Amity Grenville is set on reaching Oregon’s Sweet Home Valley, where her aunt and uncle have a farm. They were part of the Great Migration of 1843, and Amity saved every letter Aunt Beitris wrote, complete with advice on the journey preparations. Amity is eager for a fresh start, in the hopes that her husband, Garvey, will find a new vocation in farming and leave behind his drinking and gambling ways.

Newly finished with his apprenticeship, blacksmith Shawe Creighton can ply his trade just about anywhere so he agrees to throw in with his best friend’s family on the trek to Oregon. With no family ties, he heads west, thinking Oregon is as good as any place to establish a shop. Fun loving by nature, he’s also looking forward to what the adventure will bring.

In St Joseph doing last-minute preparations for the journey, Amity receives the bad news that Garvey was caught cheating and killed over a poker game. Now men are seeking to claim the wagon and team as their recompense. She barely removes her belongings in time but is faced with either marrying a stranger to comply with the wagon train’s rules or remain behind. Taking pity on her plight, Shawe offers marriage and is immediately faced with her two demands--no drinking or gambling. Intrigued by the outspoken woman, he figures the trip won’t be boring. Will a decision made in haste bring disaster, or will the journey forge bonds neither Amity nor Shawe can imagine?

Releases May 1, 2022