Monday, July 31, 2023

Look what our authors published in July!


Our authors have worked hard to bring you your next favorite stories. Here is what we published in July!


Eleanor: The Switchboard Sisterhood, book 15

By Zina Abbott

As a teenager, unlike her older brother, Eleanor Daley survived the Spanish Flu pandemic. Only a few years away from voting age when women in her state finally won the right to vote, she proudly voted in the 1924 election. In 1925, Eleanor breaks free of her overbearing, over-protective parents and moves to Anchorage, Alaska, where men greatly outnumber women. She accepts a job as a switchboard operator. She is an independent woman, in charge of her own life! But, will she give up some of that independence for the love of a man?

Frankie Perry, unwilling to settle down in the family business just yet, joins a friend to work for the summer in the Anchorage salmon cannery. He meets a firecracker of a woman whose adventurous spirit matches his own. The decision he must make when salmon season ends is, will he stay in Alaska or head back for the lower forty-eight?
Will Eleanor and Frankie’s love stay warm and bright like the July sun on Independence Day? Or, will it grow cold and dark like the Alaskan winter?

Release date: July 14, 2023


Falling for the Storekeeper: (Love in Apple Blossom Book 7)

By Kit Morgan

Two Lonely Storekeepers and a Thief...

Alma Kirk ran her deceased father's general store. In truth, it was all she had left of him and she wasn't about to let anyone tell her how to run her business. Especially not Aaron Hawthorne, the handsome owner of Hawthorne's Hardware. When he first came to town, Alma couldn't deny he was handsome, but when she realized they'd be competing for customers, not even his good looks could sway her from thinking he wanted to put her out of business. Her friends told her she was over-reacting. She thought she was protecting her father's legacy. When her store is robbed she naturally blames him! But when things go missing from his store too, Alma realizes something's afoot! And wouldn't you know it, he wants them to team up and find the culprit!

Enjoy this sweet historical romance full of love, laughter, and mystery!

Release date: July 24, 2023


Substitute Suellen (The Confederate Gold Widows Book 3)

By Marisa Masterson

Suellen made a lousy choice when she married her bank-robbing husband. How can she trust her heart and head when both tell her that she has met someone she can love?

Gold! Suellen finds a hidden stash of the gleaming coins under the false bottom of her dead husband's trunk. The bank's name, stamped on the bag, tells her that it is stolen. She knows she must return the gold, but why does the scout want to accompany her? She knows that Rufus hates her.

Rufus does not plan on letting the woman out of his sight. Suellen unknowingly is a part of his family's plans for revenge. And does she really think she can cart a baby halfway across the country?

Will a trip to return gold turn into love? Only if two frozen hearts thaw enough to embrace their chance at happiness.

Release date: July 25, 2023


Not all of our authors make their books available on pre-order. However, for those who do, those advance sales go a long way toward boosting their sales rankings. 

Here are future releases:

Pre-0rder August:

Ruby: The Switchboard Sisterhood, Book 18

By Linda Carroll-Bradd

Actress Ruby Moreau yearns to be in the silent movies, but Hollywood is so far away. On the eve of her wedding, she rebels against her Seattle society parents’ urging her to marry the boring son of Father’s business partner. Seeing an ad for a film shot entirely in Alaska, she boards a ship for Anchorage to seek an audition. Upon arrival, she learns the moving picture studio is not currently filming, but the Spruce Telephone Company is always hiring. She becomes a switchboard operator…telling herself this is just temporary until her parents cool down and let her run her own life.

Stevedore Ivan Dragunov works any job he can find on the docks. But his real passion is playing in the Anchorage Baseball League on the weekends. An encounter with an emotive passenger coming off a ship forces him closer to a woman than he’s been since his fiancĂ©e sailed back to Russia. When he keeps running into her around town, he becomes intrigued. But what do an actress who wants to see her name in lights and a man devoted to putting his team on the scoreboard have in common?

Release date: August 15, 2023


Pre-order September:

A Journey for Lily: The Reluctant Wagon Train Bride - Book 1

By P. Creeden

When Lily Browne’s father loses his job at the bank, he decides to make the journey out west, to claim land for cheap in Oregon. And when Lily hears of the need for school teachers out there, she decides that she must go too. There’s only one problem. Even though Lily is barely nineteen, the wagon master demands that she cannot accompany the train without being wed. But she can’t be a school teacher if she’s married…

Wayne Cody became a felon by accident when he was fifteen. After serving his time, he was released to find out that he has no family, and no more than five dollars to his name. He doesn’t know much about anything other than guns, horses, and cattle, so he attempts to get hired by a wagon train to help several families make it to Oregon to claim land. If he can somehow earn enough money, he can claim land for himself, too. Then, Mr. Browne makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

Release date: September 5, 2023


A Watchman for Willow (Mail Order Papa Book 4)

By Zina Abbott

Ever since her husband was killed in a logging accident, Willow Morrow has been struggling to take care of her two-year-old daughter, Ila Mae, and survive. Left with limited funds and no family or friendship ties to the area, the lumber owner brought her to Sonora, California, the largest nearby city, and dumped her off with her husband’s final paycheck and two weeks extra wages. She feels fortunate to have found a job washing dishes at a local diner, plus delivering meals to inmates at the Tuolumne County jail.

Milton Pierson, a low-level clerk for the Sonora city council, is tasked with advertising for a city night watchman. Aware of Widow Morrow’s plight, he decides to add an inducement to the job offer.

Kelly Randolph never liked working as a longshoreman, and San Francisco has grown too crowded for his tastes. With the financial panic that started in 1882 going into its third year, he learns his job has been terminated. He runs across an advertisement for a widow with a young daughter looking for a husband. The job of night watchman for a small foothill city is included. Not only must he find a way to get his own widowed mother away from the coastal air that aggravates her breathing problems, she has been after him to marry. What does he have to lose by at least looking into the situation?

Release date: September 18, 2023


October Pre-orders:

A Blacksmith for Birdie (Mail Order Papa Book )

by Kimberly Grist

A blacksmith in need of a miracle, an innkeeper requiring rescue, and an arranged marriage that can give them both what they need. As iron sharpens iron, can they hammer out a partnership—forging an unexpected result of the romantic kind?

A widowed blacksmith, Joseph Evans, is hardened and weighed down by the needs of his unusual family. If only he could find a housekeeper. But they’re in short supply, and Joseph needs one with the patience of Job. “I don’t want a wife. What I need is a miracle.”

The years have taken their toll on innkeeper Birdie Murphy, but she can still dream of her happily ever after—a companion in life, devoted, kind, hardworking, and childless. But time is not on her side. Desperate, she seeks the help of a matchmaker. What Birdie needs is a mail-order husband, an advocate to help save her family, home, and business. “I am neither dainty nor pretty. Is it possible to find a man willing to overlook the fact?”

A satisfied grin spreads across the matchmaker’s face as she considered the surveys. Such a perfect pairing doesn’t occur often. After all, what we think we want and what we need are two different things.

Release date: October 23, 2023


Vinegar Pie by Varinia: Old Timey Holiday Kitchen, Book 25

By Zina Abbott

For years, Varinia yearned for Arnie to one day look her direction. When her parents invite him and his widower father to join them for Christmas dinner, she decides to bake him one of her favorite pies—lemon meringue. Only, after coming home from joining her mother in taking gift baskets to several homes in the area, she discovers the lemons she purchased are missing. With no time to shop for more before Christmas Eve supper, she must decide on a different dessert.

Arnie Dickens worked hard to establish himself as a farrier and part-time help in his father’s livery. After Varinia Jewell catches his eye at the town’s harvest dance, he begins to seek her out. In spite of her quiet ways and her younger sister, Betsy, usually by her side, he finds he enjoys their visits. When the Jewell family invites him and his father to join them for Christmas dinner, he knows it is time to arrange a few quiet minutes alone with Varinia. Only, Christmas dinner ends up being anything but quiet.

Release Date: October 24, 2023