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 Sabrina: Rescue Me - (Mail Order Brides) Book 19

By Zina Abbott

Will he help her even though she has red hair?

Sabrina Duncan thought the only benefit of being forced out of the orphanage in order to become a mail-order bride was that she was going to go to something better. The fact that “Sneaky” Snider, the director, made arrangements with the man who sent for Sabrina to allow her younger sister, Cecelia, to also come so the sisters would not be separated, sweetened the deal. What was the catch? Sabrina figured it out when she discovered what sort of “wife” her prospective groom had in mind. She knew she and Cecilia must escape.

Hugh Norton could use a housekeeper and someone to cook for his ranch hands. However, after being burned years before by a mail-order bride situation gone bad, he has no desire for a wife. He particularly does not like redheaded women. However, when one vocal redhead, with her sister in tow, bumps into him—literally—it soon becomes apparent the two need rescuing. As long as the feisty redhead’s claim she can cook is true, and she stays out of his way, he’ll give her a chance. After all, he cannot pass up thwarting the plans of a man he has grown to detest.

Release day May 8, 2023


Pettigrew Matchmakers Book Collection: Sweet Western Romance

By Kit Morgan

Mischief, Marriage and Mayhem, Mrs. Pettigrew excels at them all! So is it any wonder she's asked to start a school for matchmakers? And not just any matchmakers. She claims she can teach anyone the fine art of matchmaking and does! But not without a few bumps along the way. But what can you expect when her students are made up of the most unlikely matchmakers around? Some mysterious, some ordinary, even some from out of this world. Who and what they are doesn't matter to Mrs. Pettigrew, so long as they get the job done! This Book Collection includes:

A Match made in Heaven: Albert Dunst was no ordinary fellow. Indeed, he was so much more. So when he's plucked off the street to be the first student in Adelia Pettigrew's new matchmaking school, he takes it all in stride. After all, he's no stranger to matchmaking. How hard can it be? A Pettigrew matchmaker is trained to match two people as discreetly as possible and bring them together. He already knew how to do that. There was just one problem. Okay, maybe two ...

A Match for the Cowboy: When Mrs. Adelia Pettigrew started her matchmaking school, the least likely person to become a student was her 90 year old butler, Mr. Tugs. But here he was, tasked with bringing two young people together to find true love. Problem was, Mr. Tugs wasn't quick on his feet. In fact, he wasn't quick at all. It took him forever to get from one end of Mrs. Pettigrew's mansion to the other. How was he to keep up with two young people? The only ones he could think of to help were Mr. Gibbs and Mrs. Fraser, and they were questionable at best. He wasn't sure the younger butler liked him, and Mrs. Fraser, (Mrs. Pettigrew's cook) kept weapons in the breadbox. How was he going to pull this off?

A Match for the Debutante: Alice Pratt attended college to get away from her over bearing mother. But she was realizing that might not have been the best idea. Many of her friends were already married or engaged, and helping Mrs. Pettigrew plan a couple of weddings and assisting with her new matchmaking school only drove the point home. Spinsterhood was staring her in the face and there were few eligable bachelors to be had. So when her mother tells her about an arranged marriage she and her father have cooked up, Alice begins to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Problem is, her groom's allergies are so bad, he can hardly leave his house. He wasn't much of a conversationalist either. What should she do? Take what her parents offered or risk spinsterhood?

A Match for the Banker: Tangie Sullivan had a problem. Two actually. Her family's business was failing and worse, the cause was pushing her parents for her hand in marriage. The lout ran the neighborhood, forcing business owners to "pay for his protection". It was only a matter of time before he got what he wanted.

A Match for the Spinster: Emmy Baumeister has lost everything, but little did she know just how much. Her parents gone, she has to do the best she can with the family business. Worse, a man shows up claiming her father owes him a lot of money. How can she pay him?
But when a stranger walks into her bakery one afternoon, things begin to look up. Who thought a butler could be so helpful?

A Match for the Adventurer: Nell Elliott thought she had a good life. But when her stepmother begins acting strangely, she's not so sure anymore. She's coming to her wit's end and doesn't know what to do. Then the famous Mrs. Pettigrew comes to town and instead of helping, seems to make matters worse. Toss in the handsome Bennett Heston, and it's all she can do to keep her heart in check. So what if she only met him a couple of times before now? He makes her days brighter and her heart sing! Mrs. Pettigrew is keeping a close eye on them, hoping to make a match. But she's not the only one. And a match isn't in the making if they have their way.

Release date: May 12, 2023


Wagon Train Willa (The Confederate Gold Widows Book 2)

By Marisa Masterson

“I’m only the nanny!"

Willa Winston shouted the words to the wind. No one heard her. After all, the wagon train was behind her where she should be. It was where she would be if the little devils hadn’t disappeared in this direction.

Tall prairie grass tugged at her skirt. The only good thing about it was the trail going through the overlong stuff. She easily followed the rascals.

Willa was only the nanny. How did she end up on the Oregon Trail with her young charges?

Cade Chester enjoys his life as a scout for a wagon train. Little does he suspect that any woman could change his desire for adventure.Willa Winston is more than merely a woman needing help. She is the one person he cannot let walk out of his life.

When Willa is forced to pick a husband on the trail, she asks Cade to marry her. Only, she wants to be able to walk away at the end of the journey. That is, until danger comes after her.

Release day May 23, 2023


Not all of our authors make their books available on pre-order. However, for those who do, those advance sales go a long way toward boosting their sales rankings. Here are future releases:

Pre-order June

Eveleen: Rescue Me - (Mail Order Brides) book 24

By Linda Carroll-Bradd

Eveleen Murphy works as a maid in the house of a Philadelphia lawyer. Amiable and fun-loving, she is a favorite in the household. But when her employer’s younger brother moves in, she is confronted at every turn by his unwanted romantic advances. When her cousin is in danger, she takes in Treise. The women make a plan to answer ads for mail-order brides in the small city. But when jewelry goes missing and Eveleen is blamed, she has to go on the run. With only one letter from a potential husband in hand, Eveleen sets out for Wyoming Territory.

Dairy farmer Bjorn Crosby has been content to work the family dairy farm with his younger brother. Days after his brother marries and moves to his wife’s farm, Bjorn places an ad for a mail-order bride, hoping for an experienced farm woman. The first woman to reply is from the city, and he doubts the wisdom of his communication. When he’d faced with the woman’s arrival at his farm, he has to decide to move her into his home or fund her ticket home. With such a tenuous start, what hope does this relationship have?

Release day June 12, 2023


Davis's Debt: Hers to Redeem Book 13

By Marisa Masterson

Her brother saved Davis during the war. Now Josephine becomes his way of paying back the debt.

But marriage! Can anything good come when the man is forced by honor to marry her?

 Release day June 20, 2023


Pre-order July: 

Eleanor: The Switchboard Sisterhood, book 15

By Zina Abbott

As a teenager, unlike her older brother, Eleanor Daley survived the Spanish Flu pandemic. Only a few years away from voting age when women in her state finally won the right to vote, she proudly voted in the 1924 election. In 1925, Eleanor breaks free of her overbearing, over-protective parents and moves to Anchorage, Alaska, where men greatly outnumber women. She accepts a job as a switchboard operator. She is an independent woman, in charge of her own life! But, will she give up some of that independence for the love of a man?

Frankie Perry, unwilling to settle down in the family business just yet, joins a friend to work for the summer in the Anchorage salmon cannery. He meets a firecracker of a woman whose adventurous spirit matches his own. The decision he must make when salmon season ends is, will he stay in Alaska or head back for the lower forty-eight?
Will Eleanor and Frankie’s love stay warm and bright like the July sun on Independence Day? Or, will it grow cold and dark like the Alaskan winter?

Release Date: July 4, 2023


Pre-0rder August:

Ruby: The Switchboard Sisterhood, Book 18

By Linda Carroll-Bradd

Actress Ruby Moreau yearns to be in the silent movies, but Hollywood is so far away. On the eve of her wedding, she rebels against her Seattle society parents’ urging her to marry the boring son of Father’s business partner. Seeing an ad for a film shot entirely in Alaska, she boards a ship for Anchorage to seek an audition. Upon arrival, she learns the moving picture studio is not currently filming, but the Spruce Telephone Company is always hiring. She becomes a switchboard operator…telling herself this is just temporary until her parents cool down and let her run her own life.

Stevedore Ivan Dragunov works any job he can find on the docks. But his real passion is playing in the Anchorage Baseball League on the weekends. An encounter with an emotive passenger coming off a ship forces him closer to a woman than he’s been since his fiancĂ©e sailed back to Russia. When he keeps running into her around town, he becomes intrigued. But what do an actress who wants to see her name in lights and a man devoted to putting his team on the scoreboard have in common?

Release date: August 15, 2023