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A Promised Land

A Promised Land

Release Day for A Promised Land by Kimberly Grist

Locket and Lace Book 16 

Combining Romance with Faith, Friends and Good Clean Fun!

Please allow me to introduce twenty-year-old Meriwether Walker who enjoys the challenge of teaching her varied group of students in the one-room schoolhouse.

 What she doesn't like is the nomadic lifestyle that comes with it as she rotates boarding with families in the community on a month to month basis.

Meriwether longs for a place to call home but her social life is dictated by the rules of the School board and she sees no relief from her plight.

When Meriwether discovers her uncle left her his ranch, the one she loved to visit when she was a child, she quit her job and moved without hesitation to Trickling Springs, Texas. But when she arrives deed in hand, she discovers her decision has put her at odds with Jake Harrison, the man who rents property from her uncle and seeks to buy the land and water rights for his cattle. They butt heads, tempers flare, but Meriwether stands her ground. Yet she can't deny the romantic sparks that fly, and she can tell it's mutual. When he comes courting, can she trust Jake or is his real attraction the property and the water rights he needs, and she has inherited?

A Promised Land


“Take up residence?” Jake Harrison sprang to his feet. “Lady, I don’t know what you’re trying to pull, but your uncle and I agreed to a fair price, and it’s all written down in black and white.” He reached for the paper and thrust it into her hand.
"There's no reason to become unsettled, Mr. Harrison. I feel certain the young lady is simply confused." Mr. Peters sat on the edge of his desk and patted his chest. "Please allow me to explain." The attorney's voice rose to a higher pitch. "Miss Walker, your uncle and Mr. Harrison have already taken care of the legalities. You simply need to sign the bill of sale which states you agree with the terms for Mr. Harrison to purchase the estate."

Meriwether raised one eyebrow. "Thank you for explaining sir. However, I'm not the one who is confused. I have no intention of selling the property." 

"Now see here," Jake Harrison scowled. "You won't get a dime more playing this game." 

Her jaw dropped. "Mr. Harrison obviously there has been a terrible misunderstanding. I was thrilled when I learned of the inheritance. I've quit my teaching position and traveled here today with the understanding I was to be met by the Bakers who would take me to the log house." 

Mr. Peters waved a paper. “The only correspondence I’ve received from your lawyer is by way of telegraph stating your arrival time today. It’s preposterous for a young single woman to consider living alone in such a remote location. It appears to me you’ve received poor guidance.” 

The attorney mopped his face with a handkerchief. Meriwether cocked her head. “I suppose your suggestion would be to take the money and move elsewhere?”

“I believe most women are inclined to make decisions based on feelings. Your motivation derives from fond memories and matters of the heart.” Mr. Peters clasped his hands, and he pressed his lips into a thin smile. “The realities of living in a secluded location are too severe for a young woman alone. Quite frankly, I’m shocked you would consider it.” 
Meriwether’s fingernails dug into her palms. “I’ve lived on my own since I was sixteen, Mr. Peters. I assure you I have thought this through and will not allow you to shame, patronize or bamboozle me into changing my mind.”
The attorney’s back straightened. “Now see here, Miss, I will not have you question my integrity.”
“Then you had best not call it into question, sir.” She pivoted and exited the room. Her boots tapped sharply on the polished hardwood floors through the lobby and out the door. Nose in the air, nostrils flared, Meriwether’s anger circled and wrapped her emotions like the wind intertwined her skirts.
Standing at the end of the boardwalk, she took in a deep breath. What am I supposed to do now, Lord?
A wooden signboard swung from its chain across the street. Meriwether lifted her chin and stormed in the direction of the sheriff’s office.

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