Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Look What Our Authors Published in June!

  Our authors have been busy writing and publishing books. Here is what we published in June:


A Bride for Big Ed (The Proxy Brides Book 61)

By Annee Jones

She’s wanted dead or alive…. a desperate plan to keep her safe…. will answering an ad for a proxy bride be the answer? Or will Ophelia Price get more than she bargained for when she finally meets her new husband, Tombstone Marshal Edward “Big Ed” Lawson?

Released June 1


A Bride for Adam (Mistaken Identity Mail Order Brides Book 6)

By Marisa Masterson

Adam Collins knew his bride. No matter that the women were identical twins, he would know Liza at a glance. So why was he sure that he held Tally's hand as they stood before the preacher? Could he still say, "I do," not knowing who he married?

Released June 11


Thatcher  (Romancing the Weavers Book 11)

By Kit Morgan

An injured woman - A man in need of a wife - And four bumbling villians ...

Alice Fairchild was a spoiled, rich young woman who didn’t care a whit about anyone or anything. Her family was wealthy, powerful, and known for going through servants like water through a sieve. And every servant in Seattle knew once you were fired from the Fairchilds, you weren’t likely to be hired anywhere else. Is it any wonder some of those servants wanted revenge? But when Alice is abducted, things don’t go as planned and her abductors lose her! And who should come along and find her? A Weaver of course! Unfortunately, she can’t remember a thing. Enjoy this fun, sweet western romance full of love, laughter, and Weavers!

Released June 18, 2021


A Caregiver for Cash (Mail-Order Mama Series Book 18)

by Annee Jones

A widowed controlling father….a blind but rebellious daughter….can caregiver Eliza Abraham help this family before tragedy occurs?

Released June 18, 2021


 A Bride for Quentin (Mistaken Identity Mail Order Brides Book 8)

By Zina Abbott

     Because of her controlling father, Callie Randall has lost everyone important in her life, including her first love. With her father now gone, she must find a way to survive. She knows no man who knows her history will consider marrying her.

     Army Lieutenant Quentin Thompson resigned his commission rather than risk court-martial. That was far from his only loss during that time. When the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad builds a line through the Arkansas Valley of Colorado, he accepts a job as a telegraph operator in the mining town of Jubilee Springs. He works his job, keeps to himself, and makes few friends. His life is just how he likes it—uneventful—until a ghost from his past steps off the train.

Released June 25

Clear Creek (Tales of Tom Turner Book 1)

By Kit Morgan

There are storytellers, and then there’s Tom Turner! 

Enjoy this collection of tales of the old west, some with a few surprises! Tom has lived a full life so has a lot of stories to tell. Nearing his 100th birthday, he’s trying to tell as many of them as he can. Problem is, no one believes him! They think he’s making them up. But when the rest home he’s in hires a new attendant, he finds a listening pair of ears that begin to hear the real tales being told. Will she believe the magic and wonder his stories hold? Find out in Tom’s first set of tales of adventure, laughter, love and a little something special.

Released June 30, 2021


 Not all our authors put their books up on preorder. For those who do, advance sales go a long way to help their rankings on Amazon. Please consider buying before the book is releases.

Preorders for July:


Grace (Brides of New Hope Book 3)

By Jo-Ann Roberts

Widow Grace Donegan is no stranger to hardships. With winter coming on, and with the impending loss of her home as well as her job at the cafĂ© in New Hope, Kansas, she has three options: give up her two children, join Miss Jennie’s girls at the Rhinestone Saloon, or condemn herself to a second loveless marriage. So when an opportunity to save her home arises, she agrees, never imagining her salvation would arrive with a set of broad shoulders, a charming smile, a kind heart, and a pair of blue eyes making her wish for things long forgotten.

Releases July 7, 2021


Lightkeeper's Challenge (Keeper's of the Light, Book 12)

Linda Carroll-Bradd

Raised in a Pacific Coast lighthouse, Lisbet Dinesen hopes to follow family tradition and succeed her father as senior lightkeeper. Assistant lightkeeper Hale Warwyck feels he’s paid his dues by working the night shift for five years and deserves command of his own lighthouse.

Chief Lightkeeper Anders Dinesen announces the need for a substitute during his vacation time. Both Lisbet and Hale want to step in. A challenge is established to test their suitability and skills. Has Anders taken on the role of matchmaker for his eldest child? Will the competition drive a wedge into Lisbet’s and Hale’s budding attraction?

Releases July 13


Beau's Elegant Bride (Matchmaker's Mix-Up Book 11)

Marisa Masterson

Annalisa Caxton loses the security she's always known with the death of her guardian. By chance, she learns about a talented matchmaker and puts her trust in that woman to solve the problem of where to find a home, a problem no one prepared her to solve on her own.

With unexpected funds anonymously coming his way, Beau LeFevre packs a wagon with goods to establish a store in the mountains of Colorado. The funds come with one string--marry the bride ordered for him.

How can he make a marriage work with this spoiled woman? …someone made a mistake!

Releases July 15, 2021



Preorders for August Releases:


Shoo-fly Pie By Selah: Old Timey Holiday Kitchen Book 2

By Kimberly Grist

Selah Anderson agrees to participate in a matchmaking service organized by her pastor and the orphanage's matron, where she spent most of her life and become a mail-order bride. The man of her dreams will share her love of creating delicious confections and running a successful bakery. People will come for miles to purchase her specialty-shoo-fly pie.

Stagecoach driver Emerson Clark isn’t looking for love. But he knows life is better with a partner by your side- like a good team of horses supporting one another around the ruts in the road and along the narrow paths. As long as she’s practical, he’ll be happy.

Can his mail-order bride handle the diversity that comes with her husband’s dangerous vocation? Together will they blend their opposing desires to create a recipe for love?

Releases August 2, 2021


Charm Cake by Charity: Old Timey Holiday Kitchen Book 3

By Annee Jones

    1889, Chicago.
It’s Christmas and Charity DeWitt is celebrating her engagement to recent medical school graduate Dr. Fox Skilling with a Charm Cake – a cake that contains symbolic charms crafted by her father at his jewelry store. When her slice contains a fleur-de-lis, she’s certain the tiny silver symbol of new beginnings has to do with her upcoming wedding to Fox – or does it? When he announces his plans to go out west to open a medical clinic, she journeys with him to Oregon where she meets Peter Abrams, a schoolteacher partially paralyzed after being thrown off his horse. Why is she so drawn to Peter and his books? Is it just because she’s never learned to read? Or could it be more?

Find out as you read this heartwarming holiday romance set in Sunset Hills, Oregon!

Releases August 16, 2021



Preorders for September Releases:


Madeline: Cowboys and Cupids Book Book 14

By Zina Abbott

Madeline Denham realizes something doesn’t add up. More than with her siblings, her parents are very careful about who they allow to socialize with her. There are those who study her as if they know something she doesn’t. Approaching her twenty-second birthday, she is painfully aware she has never been courted and never been kissed.

After graduating from normal college, she accepts a teaching position close to Knights Ferry. Much to her dismay, during a community social, a well-dressed man she's never met before asks her to dance and then forces a kiss upon her. Rather than being flattered, she feels ruined.

After purchasing land east of Oakdale, James Hennessy, like his Italian mother’s side of the family, finds growing fruit trees and a small table grape vineyard competes with his love of practicing law. At a dance, he meets a delightful woman who reminds him of his Italian heritage. When he realizes she is the object of unwanted attention, the fiery Irish from his father’s side comes to the fore. He steps forward to rescue her. He soon finds himself representing members of her family in a cause important to his own interests—stopping the hydraulic mining that is clogging the Valley’s rivers and streams that provide the water the farmers need to irrigate their crops.

Madeline hires James to uncover the secrets that plague her. However, will what they learn drive him away? Fortunately, she has two young twin brothers, who, like their oldest brother, want to become cowboys. For now, they’ll settle for corralling a good husband for their big sister, even if they have to rope and hogtie Madeline and James to get them to the altar.

Releases September 1, 2021


A Bride for Devlin: The Sheriff's Mail Order Bride Book 6

By Zina Abbott

Searching for her sister, Dolly, who left behind a letter stating she was traveling to Wyoming to marry a rancher, Carrie Watson travels to Baggs Station. She learns, except for a few items of clothing she packed in a tow sack, Dolly left her trunk behind at the station for safe-keeping and departed with a man who claimed he was sent to bring her to her intended.

Carrie asks to be directed to the sheriff, only to learn the Carbon County sheriff is seventy-eight miles away in Rawlins. However, the Little Snake River Valley ranchers, frustrated by the increase in cattle rustling, pooled their funds and hired their own local sheriff, Devlin Anders, to track down the culprits.

Devlin Anders, frustrated over his lack of success in locating the rustlers, is ready to quit and stick to running his own ranch. Then, his friend, Jesse Hardin, begs him to help search for Jesse’s missing bride. They travel to Baggs Station, the last place she was spotted.

The last thing Devlin needs is an upset, headstrong woman from the East demanding help to find her sister. However, when he learns Dolly left on the back of a horse behind a man Devlin has been trying to catch up with for months, he knows it is time to raise a posse and go after both Lem Coker, suspected cattle rustler, and Jesse’s missing bride.

If only Carrie did not insist on trailing behind them…

Releases September 10, 2021


Ace’s Tenacious Bride: (Matchmaker's Mix-Up Book 13)

By Kimberly Grist

Can a spirited pastor’s daughter up the ante, causing a card-playing, cigar-smoking workaholic to wager his heart?

Mercy Fairchild, a sheltered pastor’s daughter, is ready for adventure. She’ll comply with her late father’s last wish—to obtain the help of a matchmaking service and find her a young pastor out west to marry. Yes, she wants God’s perfect plan for her future, but she hopes it will be an exciting plan. Perhaps a missionary in a new territory?

Widower Ace Caldwell’s unruly children make keeping a housekeeper impossible. The last one left in less than a week! If he could only be as good a father as he is a card player! But with his job as a railroad detective, he can’t be home more than a day or two each week. At least a wife would be legally and morally vested to remain. Wouldn’t she?

Releases September 15, 2021


Pumpkin Pie by Patience: Old Timey Holiday Kitchen Book 5

By Annee Jones

    1890, Baltimore.
19-year-old Patience Sutton has never been praised for her cooking – in fact, she burnt the pumpkin pie at her family’s last Christmas celebration. As the youngest of 10 children, she’s tired of always being the baby and longs to grow up. When she spies an ad in the paper from Oregon banker Jefferson Cooke seeking a mail-order bride willing to travel out west and who “must love children,” Patience jumps at the chance for a new life. With children of her own to take care of, maybe she’ll finally get some respect! Right?

Releases September 27, 2021