Tuesday, May 30, 2017

It's Blog Tour Tuesday and our God is MIGHTY TO SAVE!

Shout Hallelujah! Then sing a bar or two of Leonard Cohen’s beautiful ballad Hallelujah!

I’m so excited that my newest release MIGHTY TO SAVE has launched this month, two weeks and a day ago to be exact. It’s book nine in my Texas Romance Family Saga series. I’ve come from 1832 all the way to 1918, almost a century, and one of my favorite heroines Evelyn May Eversole Nightingale is the third generation, then of course, there’s her son Buddy, fourth from my patriarch Henry Buckmeyer. (I’m still in mourning from book eight, COVERING LOVE when he went to Heaven.)

Each one of these stories has been so different, and MIGHTY TO SAVE is no exception. The hero and heroine already met--and even pledged themselves--in the last installment when as a six-year-old, Evie asked the fifteen-year-old Nathaniel to wait for her, that she was worth waiting for. Of course, she had no idea what she spoke of; she’s only repeating the story of her mother Cecelia telling her daddy Elijah that she was worth waiting for.

But then God gave Nathaniel a vision of the precocious little girl all grown up, and he decided she was right.

So MIGHTY TO SAVE opens when he is overseas, a chaplain in the army stationed in France. His dearest wife—yes, they’re already married! Where’s the romance, Caryl? You read it and see if there isn’t plenty  These two were such a pleasure to write, no misunderstandings, no outside forces to tear them apart so they can come together again. No sirree. Together from the start, this married happily-ever-after couple fills the ages with their fun, friendly banter working together twenty-four/seven (like my husband and me )

And Buddy! Their four-year-old. I admit, I’m a sucker for the little boys! I reared seven myself, three I birthed and four grandsugars. It’s easy enough for them to steal my heart away. Buddy definitely does! Here, enjoy a little sample:

Jacket copy --- Never lean to your own understanding, but in all your ways, acknowledge God, and He will guide your way.
     Contrary to her parents’ wishes, Evelyn married a nonbeliever, but it all works out . . . or does it? Not only did the love of her life accept Christ, Nathaniel got baptized by fire and became a minister of the gospel. Woven into the breathtaking tale of love and redemption are two additional stories, Evelyn’s novels of faith, family, and forgiveness.

What others are saying ---
. . .  one of the best books I’ve read!
. . . I’d give this series ten stars!
. . . WOW! Hold onto your hats! Another wild ride
. . . You will love this story for sure and for certain!
. . . Caryl has an amazing gift.
. . . a powerful addition that strongly celebrates family and Christian values!

Excerpt --- And like in other of my stories, again you get two in one! :) Check out this excerpt from Pearl's story (set in the mid-1800s) ---
    Evelyn would have liked it better if Miss Pearl had been reading out loud. It would have been nice to tie the reactions with exactly where she read in the chapter.
    She finished the last page then looked up. “Yes, ma’am. That’s exactly how it happened, but I didn’t like it one bit.”
    “You didn’t? I’m sorry. What should I change?”
    “Not a word. What I didn’t like was how you put me right there—in Miss Ruth’s bedroom again. Why, I smelled the burned powder. Like I’d relived it. Awful night that was. Praise God for the Blood.”
    “Oh. Well. I am sorry for you, but that’s what my readers love. It is good, isn’t it? But Miss Pearl, are you sure about telling this part? There’s no statute of limitations on murder.”
    “Self-defense, pure and simple. Best of all, I’d love clearing the name of that dear woman. The farmer’s family raised a stink on account of him getting shot twice, and his seeds being so swollen from where I kicked him.”
    “Was there a trial?”
    “No, honey. Took the grand jury less than ten minutes to no-bill her.”
    A twinge of regret nipped at Evelyn, but two trials in one book might be too much. “I’ll leave it as is then. It’s so awesome that Miss Ruth took up for you.”

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the author's bio --- Caryl McAdoo loves writing stories for all ages that glorify God and is thrilled Christian fiction fits her life purpose so well. Bold not bashful, she’s quick to share the Bible principles she lives by through her characters and hopes each title ministers His love, mercy, and grace. Known as the “Singing Pray-er”—with a YouTube channel to prove it—the prolific hybrid author also loves praising Him with new songs He gives her. Her high-school-sweetheart-husband moved the family from the DFW area—home for fifty-plus years—to the woods and seat of Red River County. After Ron, Caryl counts four children and sixteen grandsugars life’s biggest blessings. The McAdoos live a few miles south of Clarksville in the far northeast corner of the Lone Star State.

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