Wednesday, May 17, 2017

WHO AM I? A Belated Introduction

Post (c) Angela Raines/Doris McCraw

Pikes Peak at Sunset

 As you can see by the byline, I'm two different people. Both are very private, introverted yet gregarious when necessary. When friends were asked to describe Doris, the offered the following pieces of information:

She is and has been a tremendously talented actress, she is also a very extravagant singer as well!
Started acting at age 2 ½
"Mom" to the young. Doesn't take guff. Tells people to "Just do it!"
Has a dry or sarcastic sense of humor which when one stands back and watches it unfold, it's really funny and entertaining. 
In college was in the “New Frontiers” trio? (We were something of a hit in Denver, IL!)
Played the role of ‘Olive’ in the female version of “The Odd Couple”, and once performed as Helen Hunt Jackson on a moving bus!
Directed a film
Directed a stage productions including  “Inspecting Carol”
Love rock music, Alice Cooper, Rush, etc. along with Western, Classical, Folk and Broadway music
Like to stop in the middle of the road to allow her passengers to take pictures

Both Doris and Angela share the following creative endeavors:

Doris spent over three years writing haiku five days a week and posting on a haiku blog along with sharing the photographs she takes while out and about.

Doris has written three 'scholar' papers for the regional history series in Colorado Springs: 'Still Life to Reel Life, the story of  Karol W. Smith' in the "Film and Photography on the Front Range" book, 'The Cripple Creek Volcano: a 35 million year disaster' in the "Disasters of the Pikes Peak Region", and soon to be published "Myths and Mysteries of the Rocky Mountain West" which should have the chapter 'Doc Susie & Hollywood: Myths of 19th Century Women Doctors in Colorado'.

Both love to hike and take trips to the mountains. Of course research is a passion and Doris is considered an expert on the women doctors in Colorado prior to 1900.

Both have always been storytellers according to relatives. Doris was writing plays as young as six and continued to write 'mysteries' for Red Herring Productions, the murder mystery company she was a part of for 19 years.

Angela was born in 2014 with the publication of her first novella, "Home for His Heart" an Agate Gulch Story. Since that time Angela has published two additional Agate Gulch stories, "Never Had A Chance" and "Gift of Forgiveness."

 Her two other Western Romance stories are: "Angel of Salvation Valley" and "Josie's Dream" part of the amazing 'Grandma's Wedding Quilt' series. 

Angela also has two Medieval Stories available: "Lost Knight" and "North Star", that are part of Christmas anthologies from Prairie Rose Publications.

So what does the future hold for this two in one person? More writing, more research and lots more hikes and photographs. What's in the future for you?

Doris Gardner-McCraw writing as Angela Raines is an Author, Speaker, Historian-specializing in Colorado and Women's History

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