Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I'm sure you have many examples of how teamwork makes your life easier. Maybe helping people in your circle is the way you all make it through the week. It makes sense. We're busy and we have many responsibilities. Most of us can't get everything done alone - at least not and remain sane.

Back in the old west, teamwork was necessary. Without help, a small farm might not survive. Communities banded together in times of trouble to rebuild storm damage or plant crops after a tragedy.

In one of my Cutter's Creek stories, Becoming a Family, the town pulls together to find two children who are lost in the woods. The men spend all night out in the dark and the cold and the brother and his sister are brought safely home. If not for the care provided by the community, the story would have had a much different ending.

Families shared food and hand-me-down clothes. They looked out for each other in most all areas of life. If anything was about to go to waste, they'd find someone who needed it to keep precious supplies from being lost.

It's uplifting to read about all the ways the brave and hearty people of the west cared for each other. They had trials and troubles of their own, but they still made room for others in need. Perhaps they knew that at some point everyone needs a helping hand and it was likely they'd need the same thing at some point. Possibly, these people just had big hearts who loved their fellow man.

No matter what their motivation, the hard life of the west was made a little easier when friends and countrymen gave aid to others. Can you imagine making your way to the west in a wagon train but only relying on yourself to survive the journey? Of course not!

I find today that we need help in many ways. Carpools, elder care, career support. The list is endless for ways we can reach out to others to get physical help and moral support. In our neighborhoods, in our families, and even online - help is available in so many ways. Teamwork makes life work better.

Teamwork is the thread that binds a multi-author series together. We all work together for a common goal and to support each other as we travel the road to create something we hope readers will love. The Sweet Americana Sweethearts authors have recently done that with their Grandma's Wedding Quilts series. (Another awesome series is on the way, too!  😄)

The Cutter's Creek series is another very close to my heart. The women I work with in that group have become like sisters to me in the last year or so. We started working together in February, 2016 and our first four books were published on May 15, 2016. It's been a year already! Wow! We've worked together to create an ongoing beloved series. Where one of us was lacking the others picked up the slack. We each had a chance to help each other out - no doubt about that.

And now, with one year and twenty books under our belts, I'm pleased to celebrate this milestone with my dear sisters! Kit Morgan, Vivi Holt, Kari Trumbo, and I would like to invite you to join us on May 18, 2017 at 8PM EDT to celebrate the one year anniversary of Cutter's Creek. We're planning a ton of fun with prizes and gifts for all. Be sure to RSVP on Facebook.


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  1. Sounds like it will be a fun party! Happy Anniversary to the Series :-)

  2. Teamwork gets more done with a lot more enjoyment. Happy Anniversary and continued success to everyone in their upcoming stories. Doris