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The Creation of a Legendary Event

by Shanna Hatfield
 Although I write both contemporary and historical sweet romances, I love researching tidbits from the past for my historical books. One resource I often turn to when I'm writing my Pendleton Petticoats series is the online version of the town's newspaper from back in the day. Browsing through the newspaper gives me a general idea of what life was like at that particular time. 

The advertisements alone offer such an amazing peek into the past, a clear look at popular fashions, and words that may have been all the rage. The newsworthy events and articles also help me create a realistic world for my fictional characters. 

 Lately, I've had my nose buried in information from the autumn of 1910 for the latest book in the series. During that time, the very first Pendleton Round-Up took place in conjunction with the annual county fair. 

For nearly an entire month leading up to the events, the newspaper published at least one article (sometimes more) about the fair and rodeo each day. Excitement for this new event, a never-before-experienced rodeo, nearly leaped off the lines of print.

In fact, thoughts of the rodeo created so much anticipation, special trains were scheduled to run between Portland and Pendleton to bring in visitors for the event. 

Organizers came up with the idea of the rodeo to bring back what they felt was a fleeting way of life. They wanted the Pendleton Round-Up to be a "frontier exhibition of picturesque pastimes, Indian and military spectacles, cowboy racing and bronco busting." 

For the initial show, all the stores in town closed and 7,000 spectators descended on the arena with hundreds more left outside the gates because of a lack of seats. In true Pendleton style, workers hastily constructed an additional 3,000 seats before the second performance the next afternoon.

In addition to the rodeo events, the Pendleton Round-Up held a Westward Ho Parade (a completely non-motorized parade that continues today) and also crowned the first rodeo queen.

And the phrase "Let 'er Buck" was introduced as the tagline that was soon on everyone's lips as they marveled at a presentation unlike any they'd witnessed.

As I wrote my story, I did my best to imbue that sense of excitement and wonder that swept through the town as the very first Pendleton Round-Up took place. The only years the rodeo wasn't held was  during World War II.

When I thought about the cover for this book, it seemed only natural to include a real Pendleton Round-Up Princess in her hand-made leathers.

Dally, Book 8 in the Pendleton Petticoats series debuts May 18!


She’s ready to spread her wing and fly…
            He’s scrambling to set down roots.

Unconventional, Dally Douglas is as likely to be found wearing her brother’s britches and riding a horse as she is dressed in lace-trimmed finery sipping tea in the parlor. With no plans to wed, she convinces her family to allow her to stay at their ranch in Oregon. Free and unfettered, she plans to remain that way, even when the town’s beloved young doctor returns home and captures both her interest and her heart.

Charismatic, handsome, and dedicated to his work, Doctor Nik Nash finally makes his way back to Pendleton. After years of studying and gaining hands-on experience, Nik is excited to bring his skills and knowledge to the place he calls home. Focused on his career, he has no time for a woman, especially not one as lively, fascinating, and enchanting as Dally Douglas.

When a freak accident brings the two of them together, their stubborn determination may cost them the chance to know true love.

Bursting with sweet romance, this tender yet lighthearted story draws readers into a world of rustic elegant charm.


And if any of you read Dacey (American Mail-Order Brides series), Dally just happens to be her feisty daughter!

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