Monday, February 20, 2017

Could You Live in the Old West?

I’ve been very busy writing - so today, my post will be short and won’t have much in the way of fun facts or research.  But, it’s something I think will be fun, and I’d love if you could comment below and let me know your thoughts!

The newest series I’m writing, along with 3 other authors, is a western time travel series.  The concept is that of 2 women - one in the past, and one now - who are connected in some way, and find themselves responsible for sending people to the times where their true heart match lives.

It has been so much fun, and it’s really made me have to do some thinking!

We hear about the things from history, the stories and the way the people lived - but can you imagine it you were suddenly thrown back in time, how you would truly be able to cope and understand it all?  Or, imagine you were sitting outside one day and a pioneer from the 1800’s popped up beside you…how would you explain everything to them?

I’ve always said how I would love to have lived back then, in a time where family was most important, Sunday’s were spent with family, money was important only to survive, and not so much about having the biggest and the best of everything.

But, then I think of the things I’d miss.  I don’t know if I could handle traveling to town in a wagon when the weather is -30 Celsius.  And, not being able to order a pizza when I don’t feel like cooking.  Not to mention - wearing dresses all the time, and the huge amounts of undergarments, even in the heat of summer.

Of course, the whole medical issues would be a concern too!  I am grateful to be living in a time that medicine has grown tremendously from back then.

But - can you imagine someone coming to this time?  Where would you even begin to explain life to them?

Cars, airplanes, debit cards, credit cards, clothing choices, all of the material “stuff” that everyone needs to have, take-out food…it would be unbelievable to them.

So, what do you think?  Could you go back in time and live, if the person you loved was there?  Or, would the sacrifices of your lifestyle here be too much?  I'd love to here your thoughts below!

For me, I think I could do it - on one condition.  My whole family would have to come with me :)


Kay P. Dawson is the author of western romance, and her current release is a sweet western time travel.  (Most of the story takes place in the old west, where the hero has to decide if the love he has found is worth staying for.)

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  1. I'd love to go back, but my health problems would kill me very fast, I fear. If I had great health and family to love me and money - not rich, but enough to live nicely -I would do it in a second, especially if my true love and soul mate lived then. Of course, I have found my soul mate and true love here.

  2. That would be an excruciating decision to make! I do so like my music and movies and health care! I so enjoyed your post Kay. It made me think of the movie Kate and Leopold . Have you ever seen that? It was amusing to watch Hugh Jackson, who came from the 1800s, suddenly be confronted with all the modern things in NYC. And of course he fell in love with a modern gal. Best wishes on your new time travel!

  3. I would say no, but my friends have told me, if I had to live back then, I'd do just fine. It is nice to think about, but I'd rather live back then in my imagination and stay here with the conveniences and medicines of the present.

    Wishing you the best on this next series. Doris