Thursday, February 23, 2017


Cougars - as in the animal and not older mail order brides intent on finding a younger man.  : )

I've always loved animals and like to incorporate them into my stories. 

In fact, in my newest book, Zebulon's Bride, a cougar plays a part in the story. 

One thing I find interesting, is the number of names they are called. Mountain lion, cougar, panther, puma, mountain screamer, and the more interesting painter and catamount.

Painter comes from the Old French peintour. 
Catamount - cat of the mountains.

When I think of what the pioneers and early settlers endured, the wildlife was an integral part of their life. While deer and the like were for food, it was also important not to end up as prey to the large predators.

Even today, as the boundaries between wild and civilization blur, humans need to watch for the big cats.

Hope you enjoyed this short post on the cougar. 
Have a blessed and safe day. And the next time you go out at night, listen and imagine what it would be like to hear the terrifying scream of the mountain lion and wonder if he was watching you.
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  1. I too like to incorporate animals in my stories. Cougars are scary in that they are so SILENT when they are stalking their prey. Suddenly, they are simply THERE! They are beautiful to watch, however, in film clips.

  2. By the way--cute pun at the beginning of your post :-)