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Blog Tour Tuesday: MEET THE WEAVERS

Today's Blog Tour Tuesday features 
Meet the Weavers 
by Kit Morgan

About Meet the Weavers: (A Collection of Weaver Tales from the Holiday Mail-Order Bride Series)

MEET THE WEAVERS! They’re loud, they’re boisterous, totally unpredictable and, they’re looking for wives. Now all your favorite Weaver books and stories from the Holiday Mail-Order Bride series are together in one volume! Read about Arlan, Benjamin and Calvin Weaver as they traverse life and love on the Weaver farm along with a few added surprises. It’s one big happy family in one big fun-filled book! If you’ve never met the Weaver’s, then here’s a little glimpse:

ARLAN: Arlan had often thought of getting himself a mail order bride, but now that he had, he wasn’t sure the pretty little thing The Ridgley Mail-Order Bride Service sent him was tough enough to handle farm life, let alone his brothers. But Arlan soon found his new little wife was chock full of surprises. In more ways than one.

Samantha Carter never considered becoming a mail order bride. She was to marry as soon as she turned eighteen and be out of her uncle’s hair not to mention his house. But her uncle had other plans, and wanted Samantha for himself. Discovering his intentions, she ran to the only mail-order bride service she knew of, and begged Mrs. Ridgley to send her somewhere, ANYWHERE that would get her away from her lecherous relative. And so, Mrs. Ridgley sent her to Nowhere.

BENJAMIN: The Weaver clan was growing. Not only was Arlan, Ma Weaver’s oldest son and his wife about to have a baby, but Benjamin, one of her identical twins, was about to get his very own mail-order bride! Ma Weaver couldn’t be happier! Sure, Benjamin and his brothers had been sheltered in the small valley where they lived most of their lives, and maybe they didn’t live as fancy as some folks. But they lived well, and Ma Weaver was determined her sons would marry well too.

Charity Cross discovers just that when she becomes Benjamin’s mail-order bride. But Charity has a secret, something with the power to tear them apart if she isn’t careful. The problem is, she has no idea how or what “careful” looks like. Not after what she’s been through …

CALVIN: First Arlan, the oldest, got himself a mail-order bride, followed by his younger brother Benjamin, one of identical twins. Now it was Calvin’s turn. But Calvin’s mail-order bride was different, really different. For one, she was Italian, an immigrant who spoke broken English. She was also the most beautiful woman Calvin had ever seen. But this vision of loveliness had a not so lovely secret. Can Calvin and his new bride make a go of it while other secrets threaten the family’s peaceful existence? Find out in this hilarious romp with the Weavers!

Enjoy this collection of sweet, clean, historical western books of mail-order brides and romance!

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“Look, Ma!” Benjamin pointed. “The dance done started already!”
Mary straightened her hat, then turned on the wagon seat and glared at her three sons sitting in the back. Judging from the number of wagons parked outside, the whole town was there. “Promise me you’ll behave yourselves. No fights, no clumsiness, no name-calling.”
“But Ma,” Daniel protested. “We never call anyone names. That wouldn’t be polite.”
“I’m talking about each other!”
“Oh, that.” Daniel hung his head.
“Don’t worry, Ma,” Arlan said from beside her. “I’ll see they stay outta trouble.”
“Thank you, Arlan,” she said. “Maybe in another year or so you won’t have to.”
Arlan glared at his brothers. “I shouldn’t have to now.”
Calvin and Benjamin glared back. Daniel just sat and looked guilty.
Arlan eyed his youngest brother a moment before he looked for a place to park the wagon. When he finally found a spot, he guided the team of horses into it and brought them to a halt. After setting the brake, he hopped down and helped his mother out. His brothers jumped out of the wagon bed and slapped each other on the backs, excited smiles on their faces.
Music could be heard coming from inside the town’s meeting hall along with laughter and a cacophony of voices, many of them female. Calvin and Benjamin quickly finger-combed their reddish brown hair and straightened their jackets. Arlan caught the action and shook his head. “I dunno why ya two bother. What woman in her right mind’s gonna take a shine to the likes of you?”
“Us?” Benjamin said, affronted. “What about you? Yer ‘bout as agreeable as a rattler.”
“And bossy too,” Calvin tossed in.
“Arlan’s right,” their mother said. “You two had better mind your manners. Remember what happened last time we came to town!”
The twins looked at each other and burst out laughing. “Sure ‘nough do, Ma!” Calvin said.
“Yeah, that was one of the best!” added Benjamin.
“Best of what?” Arlan asked. “Embarrassin’ the family?”
“Yer a fine one to talk!” Benjamin said. “After all, wasn’t me or Calvin that got in a fight with Spencer Riley over that Lily Pembrook a few years back.”
“This has nothin’ to do with that,” Arlan said. “I’m talkin’ ‘bout the time ya two made that scarecrow or whatever it was and tossed it at the front window of the meetin’ hall.”
The twins glanced at each other, smiles on their faces. “Oh yeah, we plumb forgot ‘bout that!” Calvin said with glee.
Benjamin smacked him on the back. “Nellie Davis thought it was a real person!”
“You broke the window,” their mother reminded them sourly.
“Yeah, Ma,” Calvin agreed. “But the look on Nellie Davis’ face was worth it!”
“Was it worth it to see me have to pay for it?”
That did the trick. The twins sobered and hung their heads. “Oh, forgot about that,” Benjamin mumbled.
“Don’t worry, Ma.” Calvin put an arm around her. “We’ll make sure nothin’ happens tonight. We ain’t ten years old, ya know.”
“Ain’t ya?” Arlan asked sardonically. He plucked a huge basket from the back of the wagon, glared at his brothers once more, then offered his mother his arm.
“Why, thank you Arlan,” she said. She looked at her other sons. “See boys, this is how it’s done.”
As soon as she and Arlan started for the meeting hall, Calvin offered Benjamin his arm. “Shall we?”
“But of course,” Benjamin said in a high-pitched voice.
Daniel rolled his eyes and shoved past. “Don’t embarrass us!”
The twins stopped short. “Since when’s he worried about that?” Calvin asked.
“Yeah, he don’t usually side with Ma and Arlan,” Benjamin agreed.
“‘Less he’s got somethin’ up his sleeve,” Calvin suggested.
Benjamin sighed. “Looks like we better make sure l’il Daniel ain’t the one that does the embarrassin’ this evening.”
“Yeah, best keep an eye on him,” Calvin slapped his brother on the back. “Let’s have some fun.” They set off at a trot to catch up.
When they reached the meeting hall’s double doors, Benjamin and Calvin could hardly contain their excitement. They didn’t come to town often, but when they did they always made sure they had a good time. Even if they did have to watch Daniel, they both knew the evening would be fun. “Just listen to that fiddle!” Calvin said. “I’m gonna find me a pretty gal to dance with!”
Arlan shook his head and set his jaw. “Mind yerselves,” he growled.
Calvin bowed to his mother. “May I have the first dance?”
Mary Weaver giggled. “Why, Calvin, of course you can. I thought you’d never ask.”
Calvin smirked at Arlan, then whispered to Benjamin. “How much ya wanna bet he makes just as much ruckus as we do?”
Benjamin laughed and opened the doors. “Ya know as well as I do that’s exactly what’s gonna happen.”
About Kit Morgan:

A consistent Top 100 lists bestseller, Kit Morgan, aka Geralyn Beauchamp, has been writing for fun all of her life. When writing as Geralyn Beauchamp, her books are epic, adventurous, romantic fantasy at its best. When writing as Kit Morgan they are whimsical, fun, inspirational sweet and clean stories that depict a strong sense of family and community. She hopes you will enjoy reading this first book in the Mail Order Bride Ink series.
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