Thursday, September 17, 2020

Sweet Americana Sweethearts Blog is Five Years Old

I'm really bad about remembering birthdays and anniversaries. Remembering the five year milestone of the start of the Sweet Americana Sweethearts blog is no exception. Although two months late, I still wish celebrate and say thank you to all the authors who have blogged for us over the years. Just as important, thank you to all of you readers who signed up to follow the blog and read our posts.

To celebrate, I wish to introduce the blog’s founding authors and their first posts on the Sweet Americana Sweethearts blog. Please click on the title to see the first post for each author.


     The first authors who posted in July 2015:

Zina AbbottThe Sultana Disaster

Shanna HatfieldThe Teutonic

Angela Raines-Doris McCrawThe Woman in History Everyone Should Know

Linda Carroll-BraddNot Only a Place to Sit


     Added in August 2015:

Penny Estelle – Timothy Hershey and the Beginning of Abilene, Kansas

Kristin HoltFive Things I Learned from THE MENACE TAKES A BRIDE

Kathryn Albright – Romancing San Diego’s Amazing Past

Amelia Adams – Writing History, Whenever It May Be

Times and needs change, but I’m pleased to note that four of those authors besides myself are still blogging. 

Thank you to all of you readers who read our posts and buy our books. You are why we write.

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