Monday, January 22, 2018

Oregon Dreams ~ Book One of Lockets and Lace Series

Oregon Dreams

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Darren and Hope must decide which is stronger ~ their love or their dreams.

Tired of being a secondhand daughter to her aunt and uncle, Hope Castleberry dreams of going west to Oregon to find her father. She desperately wants to truly belong to someone. Unfortunately, the wagon train won't take single women. When a handsome young man bound for Oregon stops at her uncle's blacksmith shop, she believes her prayers have been answered.

Darren Thorsten watched his family get on the boat to return to Norway. He's going to Oregon to homestead a farm in the rich land, but before he arrives, he must have a wife to get enough acreage to make it work. He promised his mother he'd marry a Scandinavian girl with blond hair and blue eyes to keep his heritage pure. He didn’t think that would be a problem, until he met Hope.

She's determined to get him to take her west. He only sees her as trouble. She cleverly convinces him to drive her wagon if she finds him a wife that meets his requirements. He agrees to her terms and adds that he’ll find her a husband.

Hmm, what to do when clever ideas backfire. Add in four little boys that Hope agrees to watch for their ailing mother and enjoy the shenanigans.

Oregon Dreams


  1. Sounds very intriguing! My great great grandfather was a blacksmith. Unfortunately, I know very little about him.