Thursday, January 25, 2018

Melly, Unyielding by Abagail Eldan

New Release!
by Abagail Eldan
Book 4 in the Lockets & Lace series

Melly, Unyielding is the fourth book in the Lockets & Lace series, sponsored by authors of this blog. Here is the description:

Melly is a woman with secrets. Thatcher is the man with enough patience to unlock them. 

For fifteen years, Carmella Harperson’s life has been confined to a couple of acres in the middle of a large forest. She’s alive but hopeless, each day a struggle. 

William Thatcher Rainer’s past haunts him as he hunts down the man who destroyed his life. His days are filled with memories of the carnage of war; his nights with nightmares of the death of his wife. 

On the road, to find the man responsible for the misery of so many, they must work together and learn to trust. 

Neither is prepared for what they find at the end of their journey. 

And here's an excerpt:

The temperature had dropped, and Melly shivered. Mr. Rainer had retreated to his blanket and was not moving, asleep, she presumed.

When sleep darted like a rattlesnake, she dozed, but it curled and struck her. The poisonous venom of a nightmare awoke her with a strangled cry.

She rolled over and sat up. After a moment to gain her bearings, she rose quietly and sought the fire.

The top log had grayed, and she poked it with a stick until it glowed red again. The ashes fell, curling beneath the logs. She lifted the top log to let air flow through, and then gently let it down, to keep the flame alive.

In the depths of the fire, her sisters terrified faces appeared before her. She turned her face away, to watch a spark climb into the darkness until it vanished. Beneath where the spark disappeared, a movement caught her eye. 

She blinked, thinking it was but an illusion. When she looked closer, a man’s face came into view. She put a fist to her mouth to stifle a scream, and was on her feet, running, shaking Thatcher.

He immediately sat and drew his gun from the holster beside him. He searched her eyes. “What? What’s wrong?”

“A man,” she choked out. “His face was wrinkled, his hair white and long, in two braids.”

Thatcher had already gained his feet, moving in the direction she pointed.


Melly, Unyielding is available on Amazon. Through the evening of January 25th, it is still offered at its pre-order sale price of $.99.
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Melly, Unyielding is also available on Kindle Unlimited.
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  1. I love these interviews each day! I like this line: "The poisonous venom of a nightmare..." Looks like a good read!