Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Lawkeepers of the Old West

As the stories go, many cities and towns in the old west were rowdy places where even the law of the land was hard to enforce. But these areas started growing. Families moved in. People wanted stability and safety for their children. They demanded more. They demanded help.

As the settlements grew, sheriffs and marshals were in high demand. Integrity and dedication were key elements in the make up of these men – and a few women – who helped tame the wild west. They made a difference every day they put on the badge.

Those who stood for right and stamped down wrong were heroes, plain and simple. These men of valor make us proud when we come across their stories. They didn’t back down from a fight with notorious outlaws. In fact, they thrived on it and in the process, they created the ideal for the perfect western hero.

These brave and well respected men didn’t have a motto. They just did their jobs. To protect and serve is a motto used by police forces across the country today. If the lawmen legends of the west were to have an opinion on that matter, I imagine they’d adopt To protect and serve as their own.

Inspired by the contributions to folkore and storytelling made by the legends of the law in the old west, a brand new series is starting soon. Four authors have teamed up to bring myth and legend together and then mix it with a touch of sweet romance. Come along with us as we tell The Lawkeepers stories and help them fall in love.

Along with my partners, Jenna Brandt, Lorana Hoopes, and Kate Cambridge—I can’t wait to share our new series with you. The first four books will be available on February 8, 2018

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Is a sneak peek of a cover in order? Of course it is!


Annie Boone writes sweet western historical romance with a happy ending guaranteed in every single story. Inspiration comes in many forms and Annie finds more than one way to make her stories entertain and inspire.

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