Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hi Yo Silver and Away!

HORSES ~  I love them.  One reason I have always liked westerns is because of the horses. Silver, Trigger, Fury. Remember them?

I went on vacation and came back to find a visitor in my yard. My son told me the horse was just visiting and mowing grass. So, I call him John Deere.

He must be hungry because I rarely see him with his head up. He's normally munching on the grass.

Thanks to the Spanish Conquistadors, America has horses. It would be hard to think of the Indians charging across the plains, on foot. 
Or a cowboy without his horse.

And while we write sweet romances where the guy gets the gal and all live happily ever after, I like to think of them riding off into the sunset together. 

[Funny side note - my last book ~ Ellen's Lesson in the Sweet Americana Series - Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs. I don't think I have a horse in the book. But I do have a burro named Pickles and her baby - Amerigo.]

So, what color of horse do you like the best? Black, white, red sorrel, bay, paint, Appaloosa, Palomino, Roan?

I can't really decide. 

Watch for more horses in my books and enjoy the stories when horses ran wild, the country was young, and sweet romance moved men and women across the country. 
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Have a blessed day,
Patricia PacJac Carroll

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  1. There is something intrinsically grand and beautiful about horses. It is easy to love them, that's for sure. Doris