Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Laundry Lady's Love - New Release from Sophie Dawson

Laundry Lady's Love

By Sophie Dawson

A new series has debuted with the release of Laundry Lady's Love. The series is Ladies of Sanctuary House. Just released it’s the story of Laura Duffle and her search for love in Stones Creek, Colorado in the late 1860’s. The Civil War (Called the War of the Rebellion at the time by the winning side.)was over and the West was opening up. Men were plentiful and women were scarce. 

If you’ve read the Stones Creek Series you’ll know of Sanctuary House. Nugget Nate Ryder, wealthy philanthropic mountain man, has a heart for ladies who’ve fallen on hard times. He’s rescued many from brothels, abandonment, struggling with widowhood. Sanctuary Place is the mission he set up in Iowa for these women to recover and learn the skills they needed to survive in the world. Most importantly is their need for a Savior.  
Stones Creek Series
Nugget Nate and his wife Penny figure prominently in the first two Stones Creek books. Knowing the needs of the single men, he set up Sanctuary House as a place to send the women from the Place so they could begin new lives and hopefully find husbands among the men of the Stones Creek area. Chloe’s Sanctuary is the arrival and marriages of several of the ladies who move to Sanctuary House.
Laura Duffle is one of those ladies. She’s also the first in the spinoff series Ladies Of Sanctuary House series. A widow with two sons, Nate rescued Laura five years ago. She and her boys are part of the first eight women who come to town. 

Laundry Lady's Love

You might guess from the title, Laura sets up a laundry business to support herself and her sons. Hank Johnson, the town barber, helps her with this. He’s attracted but just isn’t too quick on the uptake, and his friend Red Dickerson decides Laura might just be wife material. 

A different sort of Mail Order Bride series, the Ladies of Sanctuary House series has five books planned so far. With the possibility of more women coming from Sanctuary Place there may be more.
Laundry Lady’s Love is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Print version is coming soon. 

Oh, you might want to go grab it quickly. Two reasons.
1. It's on same for .99 only until Aug. 22.
2. There's a giveaway link for winning a Kindle Fire HD, some audio book codes, and signed print books from the Stones Creek Series.

You can read the first chapter on my website.


  1. Hi Sophie,
    What an interesting premise for your series! I hope there were men like Nugget Nate in real life back then, men who set out to help others without expecting "payback" in some way.

  2. A lovely take on the regular Mail Order Bride idea. I wish you well with this and all the other stories. Doris