Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Good Man Comes Around -- Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs Book 8 -- Based on a True Story

By Heather Blanton

Based on a TRUE story!

Oliver Martin is a shiftless, mischievous no-account. But he wasn’t always. Jilted at the altar, he takes nothing seriously anymore and now spends his days looking for a drink or trouble, whichever comes first. John Fowler, Oliver’s friend and business partner, spends his time trying to keep Oliver out of trouble. Tired of rescuing the young man, Fowler decides a wife might bring back the old, steady Oliver. He applies for a mail order bride for the lad—but secretly.

Abigail Holt spent ten years married to a belligerent drunk. Now widowed, she’s worn out trying to make ends meet and raise her boys alone. She has decided to become a mail order bride—in her estimation, the perfect way to pick a husband—using pure logic and a rational mind. Marrying for love the first time resulted in a train wreck. She wants to find a good man who is qualified to raise her sons. Romantic entanglements will not be part of the bargain.

She arrives in Jubilee Springs ready to wed Oliver—who has never heard of her. Perhaps that’s a Godsend as he clearly doesn’t meet her standards. The mail order fiasco ends Abigail’s desire to ever be a bride again, and that’s just fine with Oliver. He has no intention of getting his heart broken again. 

But love and life—and even tragedy—can’t be avoided. In fact, trying to run from them may do more harm than good …

I love history and researching and learning about the ghosts from our past. When Zina asked me to write a story for the Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs collection but then lamented that she didn't have enough tales about miners, I decided to look into that problem. Surely there had to be something interesting here that I could write about, even though I tend to lean toward cowboys and gamblers. Then I stumbled upon the amazing, tragic, transformational, inspirational story of Oliver and wanted to introduce you to him. I hope you enjoy his story!

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  1. Hi Heather! Love the cover of your book! I absolutely love inspirational stories based on a true story. This one sounds very intriguing. Thanks for sharing how it came about.