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New Release! MINDING BENJI by Sandra E. Sinclair

This Blog Tour Tuesday we announce the publication of Book 5 in the

Minding Benji
by Sandra E. Sinclair

About Minding Benji:

          Prudence Fairchild went from riches to rags. The world she knew was swept from under her with the death of her parents. Destined to a life of servitude, she realizes the struggles of being poor comes with the risk of being taken advantage of.
          She uses everything in her, to ward off the advances of her employer. His threats to have her on his return from a business trip drives Prudence into action. She must get away and protect her virtue at any cost. It’s all she has left. As a last resort, she answers an advertisement to be a mail order bride.
          Austin Alwin is not happy about the condition placed on him in his uncle’s will. If he is to keep the only home he’s ever known, he must find a wife within a few weeks or lose it all. As time is of the essence, he forgoes all the usual protocols in obtaining a mail order bride and will only have a few short days to make up his mind once he meets her.



“Are you sure this is what you want?” Maddy asked.
“I don’t know what I want. But I know what I need, and this isn’t it,” Prudence said, pacing the room. Mr. Langton had gotten familiar with her for the last time. Prudence Fairchild wasn’t so desperate she’d welcome the advances of a man just to get by.
She had to find a way out of this situation; and the matrimonial pamphlet Maddy had shown her was as good an answer as any. Because right now she was all out of ways to avoid Mr. Langton’s roaming eyes and wandering hands.
“I do know, Pru, your place is here. I showed it to you as a joke so we could laugh at the desperation of some women. I mean, who wants to marry a man they don’t know?”
“You know what Maddy, I do. I’m one of those desperate women you want to laugh at, because from where I’m standing, anything is better than this.” She waved her hands out, indicating the tiny space they shared.
“How can that be? We have a roof over our heads, warm food in our bellies, and a wage at the end of the week. We’re doing a lot better than most in our position. Besides, who’s going to finish teaching me to read?” Maddy leaped off her bed and stood in front of Prudence, bringing her pacing to a halt.
Prudence stared at her friend, with a wry smile. In another life they would never have been friends. Maddy would have been lucky if they had shared more than a sentence together. Now she wouldn’t change what they had for the world.
“You don’t need me for that anymore, Maddy; I’ve taught you the basics and you’re doing fine. You managed to read the pamphlet all on your own—enough to find it funny and share your findings with me. And I’m grateful for that. Mr. Langton has—”
Prudence stopped herself. She almost let slip her shame, Mr. Langton was constantly being inappropriate with her, whenever he found her alone. The only thing saving him coming to her room, was because she shared with Maddy.
This last time was too much. He would have to explain the bruise growing on the side of his face to his wife in the morning. Prudence had to save herself, because the next time he got that close to taking advantage of her, she would end his miserable life and then her own.

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