Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It's Blog Tour Tuesday! Come Celebrate the Promise of Love

Kit Morgan here! And guess what? Happy Book Birthday! Okay, so my book officially came into the book world last week, but it's still considered a newborn! Promise of Love, was, in fact, a labor of love. It's one thing to want love in the form of a husband and family of your own, quite another when everyone and their mother is trying to lend a helping hand! Having gone through it myself, I can relate with Merritt Petroff, my heroine. Here's a little bit more about the book:

Merritt Petroff is staring spinsterhood in the face, that is until a stranger shows up in town. Problem is, her matchmaking grandparents (not to mention the rest of the town) can't leave well enough alone. Wouldn't it be better if they'd just let nature take its course? Not then there's a living, breathing man of marriageable age in Cutter's Creek they deem perfect for Merritt! Much to Merritt's dismay ...

Rafe Trent didn't plan to stay in Cutter's Creek. In fact, it would be best for all concerned if he didn't But there was something about the little town, not to mention the towns folk, that brought to mind a life he could only dream of. After all, a dream is all a wanted man could hope for.

There are 20 books now in the Cutter's Creek Series, written by four exceptional authors. For me, this is my fifth installment of the series.
 My first was That Healing Touch followed then by books by the other three authors, Vivi Holt, Annie Boone and Kari Trumbo. We even got into the holiday spirit this last Christmas and created books covering the town's infamous Christmas Festival over several decades.

Now for a little excerpt from Promise of Love:

As soon as the curtain closed behind them, Elizabeth spun on her. “My, my,” she whispered. “He’s a handsome one, isn’t he?” She put her hands on her hips. “And you, my dear, seem to have caught his eye.”
Merritt tried to swallow. “He … I mean, I … I did?”
“Isn’t it obvious?”
Merritt brushed at her skirt. “I … think it’s rude to stare.”
“If so, my dear, then you’re sadly lacking in manners.”
Merritt’s mouth dropped open. “I was talking about him!”
“You were staring just as much as he was,” Elizabeth pointed out.
Merritt felt her cheeks grow hotter, and fanned herself with her hand.
“Stay here,” Elizabeth said with a smirk. “I’ll fetch you a glass of water.”
Merritt nodded as the dressmaker disappeared into another room. As soon as she was gone, she stared at the curtain and tried not to think about the man on the other side. Maybe he’d gone already. Part of her hoped so; another part of her didn’t.
“Excuse me, Elizabeth?” Bart’s voice called through the cloth barrier.
“She’s gone to get me a glass of water,” Merritt called back.
“You haven’t started?”
“No,” she squeaked. Great, she was losing the ability to talk now?
Bart poked his head in. “Mr. Trent forgot his hat.” He came into the workroom, and Merritt looked up to see Mr. Trent standing right behind him, holding the curtains open and staring at her again. Rude, she thought, even as she fought the urge to gawk back.
“Oh, where are my manners,” Bart said as he glanced between the two. “Mr. Trent, this is Miss Petroff.” He turned to Merritt. “Mr. Trent is new in town.”
Merritt could only nod. Their gazes had locked again, and Bart Brown’s words barely registered. Not only that, but the room was growing incredibly hot. Where was Elizabeth with that water?
“Miss Petroff.” Mr. Trent bowed. “It’s a pleasure.”
“Pleased to meet you,” she managed in return.
He smiled at her weak response, took his hat from Bart and let the curtains fall back into place, ending their odd connection.
Merritt took a few steps back and fell into the nearest chair.
“Miss Petroff, are you unwell?” Bart asked as Elizabeth entered the room, water glass in hand.
“I’m fine.” But her eyes were still fixed on the curtain. “Just fine.”
Elizabeth and Bart exchanged a quick look. Bart took the glass from his wife and handed it to Merritt. “Better drink this all the same. You look a little flushed.”
Elizabeth glanced at the curtains and smiled. “Was that Mr. Trent I saw?”
“Yes – he forgot his hat,” her husband said.
“Bart, I’m not sure if he was wearing a hat when he came in.”
“What?! Then whose hat did I just give him?”
“The one I was making for Eldon Judrow.”
“Oh, for crying out loud, woman! Label things!”
Elizabeth studied Merritt a moment before replying. “Looks like you’re going to have to fetch him back to the shop.”
Merritt twisted in her chair to look at her. “Now?!”
Elizabeth laughed. “Oh my. Never have I seen such a thing …”
“What thing?” Merritt asked, alarmed.
Bart smiled. “I have a feeling, Miss Petroff, that you’re about to find out.” He left to go get Mr. Trent.

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Until next time, happy reading everyone!!!

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