Thursday, June 8, 2017

Best Friends

by Shanna Hatfield

Today is National Best Friends Day.

As I think of the those dear people in my circle of friends — the ones who make me laugh so hard I can hardly catch my breath, who are indignant and as riled as a mama bear with a cub on my behalf when someone writes a particularly nasty review, the ones who hold top ranks as my head cheerleaders and never fail to offer words of encouragement when I need it most — it made me ponder best friends from yesterday.

Some of the younger generation casual toss around the phrase "best friends" or "BFF," but what did those words mean so long ago when there was no instant method of communication and it might be months (or years) between visits with a cherished friend.

Letter writing played a key role in keeping far away friends connected.

And those who could visit regularly may have attending sewing circles, quilting bees, church or school socials, or just gone for a stroll. Perhaps they shared a love of books or music or art.

I imagine the conversations they had then. Do you suppose they talked about fashions and new styles? Discussed hairdos or traded recipes?

In fact, the more journals and diaries I read, the more I come to realize that we really do have much in common with the women of bygone eras.

Happy National Best Friends Day to you all. Go connect with a special friend today and let them know how much they mean to you.

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  1. So true. Some of the most wonderful times I remember were writing my friends during college break. It was a heady time. Doris