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Christmas Puppies in Victorian America by Kristin Holt


Kristin Holt | Christmas Puppies in Victorian America

by Kristin Holt, USA Today Bestselling Author
of Sweet Romance set in the American Old West

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Christmas Puppies!

Meet the newest addition to our family. I'm just a little over-the-top in love with our new pup. "Gotcha Day" was Black Friday, making this little guy a Christmas Puppy. My heart is so full!

Kristin Holt | Christmas Puppies in Victorian America. Puppy Love! Photo of Kristin's new puppy.

Puppies in History

Humans and dogs have been friends for millennia. Pups have been companions (and hunting partners) since well before written history.

But what about our great-great grandparents? Did Victorians think puppies and Christmas went together?

Puppies for a Victorian Christmas

Vintage newspapers tell the story! Notice this sampling of newspaper ads for puppies ready for Christmas gift-giving. All sources are cited, including the 19th century newspaper's name and date published.

Here are a few of the very Victorian lines:

"Dogs for the children--"

"St. Bernards for Christmas--Thoroughbred puppies..."

"Finest Christmas display of puppies in the city..."

"If you want to please the little ones, buy them them a fox terrier for Christmas..."

"...fine bred puppies; make Christmas last all year..."

Kristin Holt | Christmas Puppies in Victorian America. Four newspaper clippings from 1890 through 1900, each with puppies for sale as Christmas gifts.

Isn't that sweet? I enjoy knowing families have done the puppies for Christmas thing for a long, long while.

A Christmas Puppy, 19th-Century Style

I have a book recommendation for you! Our own Shanna Hatfield wrote a very special Christmas story, with a sweet puppy as a Christmas gift. You won't want to miss this one. I wrote a review of the book, and the story resonates with me still.


Do you know of family stories (a few generations ago, or present) where a pet made for a happy Christmas present?

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