Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Boston, Colorado

 Post by Doris McCraw

writing as Angela Raines

There were actually two 'Boston' Colorados. One was the name of a company that had mining concerns in the mountains. The second was a town in the Southeast part of the state. It was the one near Lamar, Colorado that sparked an idea for a story way back in 2015. Below is a news clipping about the town that caught my eye. 

Boston Colorado.

And a second article I found that same year.

Badman killed in Boston, Colorado

It was these clippings and other stories that eventually became the seed of the story "Chasing A Chance" My 'what-if'? What would a man do if he found his first love was in that town and possibly in danger. The story began to take shape. 

Below is a short excerpt:

"Chet, where did you see her? Why would I need to help her?" Edwin knew he'd frightened Chet,
but the mention of Mary brought back so many memories, memories he'd kept safe. Now, he couldn't let Chet go without finding out where Mary was. He had to admit, he'd never stopped loving her.

Until next time, happy writing. As for me, I'll be combing those old newspapers for the little tidbits that fascinate me so much. Who knows?

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