Monday, October 21, 2019

The Call of a Higher Power

Some of you know how I came to be an author. For those who do not, here it is:

I was the lead on the media team at my church, and had been for many years. 2010 was a very stressful year. It was joyous also as my granddaughter was born in November. As autumn progressed, I realized God was leading me to end my time on the deck, preparing videos and worship presentations. He had something else for me. At the end of the year, I resigned my volunteer position.

I thought God might be wanting me to write novels. As we returned home from our winter travels, I prayed that if His wanting me to write was His will then He needed to give me the stories. Healing Love flooded into my head. Thus I began writing, knowing nothing about the craft other than what I’d learned in high school and college umpteen years ago.

To make a long story short, I released Healing Love in June of 2012. It won two different indie author awards. I’ve made lots of friends across the world and have released several series, participated in multi-author projects, and co-written a book with George McVey.

God has been gracious giving me stories to write. He’s given me the characters, their struggles, successes, failings, and growth, along with joy and romance.

Over the past few months I’ve struggled trying to write. I’ve prayed and have realized that God wants me in His Word for the moment rather than writing books. At least for a while. When I realized this and accepted it as God’s Calling for me, a peace settled within me that I haven’t had for a while.
Thus I’m taking a sabbatical and concentrating on the Word. I truly believe God will give me stories again when I’ve learned what He wants me to learn. That’s why I’m calling it a sabbatical rather than quitting writing.

Don’t worry, Building With Baby (Silverpines) and Libby’s New Loves and Blanche Basking’s story in the Ladies of Sanctuary House series will be come out in time. I feel positive I will get the stories in time. God is Good.

Thank you all for being such wonderful fans, reading my books and posting such lovely reviews. I read and appreciate every one. Even the single star ones (not that I like those).
I’ll be posting some in my reader group on Facebook, as well as sending an occasional newsletter.
Sophie Dawson's Reader Friends

Do stay tuned. Who knows. Maybe God will give me stories really soon and I’ll be announcing releases before you know it. Until then… Blessings on all of you and your families.

Love, Sophie

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  1. Thanks for sharing! God is indeed good.
    Just an added note- Healing Love is one of my all time favorites