Thursday, October 24, 2019

Meet me at the watering hole - El Morro in New Mexico

Inscribed with dates going back to 1605 and the first governor of the area and the Spanish Conquistadors, El Morro, located in New Mexico, near Grants, New Mexico.  It has been the watering hole to beat all watering holes. Inscription Rock is a historic ledger of those who have gone before.

Carved out of sandstone rock that rises from the ground, it is not a spring but rather a deep hole that catches rain and snow runoff from the plateau. The hole is big enough to have water year round even in the drought stricken months of summer.

You can find this National Monument in Western New Mexico. And it is easy to spot as the white sandstone rises out of the land. Theodore Roosevelt made this a national monument in 1906 so that countless generations can stop and enjoy the scenery.
El Morro can be translated as - nose - or promontory. 

I find it fascinating to walk the same path that others have throughout history. To stand at the rock and know that the conquistadors stopped for a drink. Pioneers on their way to West stopped for a drink. Indians stopped for a drink. The U S Cavalry stops and waters their horses.  

What fun to think of who we might meet at the pool at El Morro. 

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of news about the American West and one that you can visit. You can find my books on Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited.

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