Monday, September 16, 2019

September Special for Some Lockets & Lace Books

Many of the authors who wrote for the series, 
Lockets & Lace 
in 2019 have joined together to provide you this reduced price special.

These books will be on sale from at least September 16th through September 20th, although a few may stay on sale longer. 

If you have not yet read all the 2019 Lockets & Lace books, now is an excellent time to purchase them at this special price. Already read and loved these Lockets & Lace books? 
Now is a great time to buy them as a gift for someone special to you who also loves to read American historical romance.

Click on the book titles below to be directed to the story description and
purchase link:

Sandra's Journey ~ Patricia PacJac Carroll

Joy, Unending ~ Abagail Eldan

Uniquely Common ~ Caryl McAdoo

Taming a Scandal ~ Linda Carroll-Bradd

The Outlaw's Letter ~ Angela Raines

A Promised Land ~ Kimberly Grist

Driving Lillian ~ Sophie Dawson

A Promise of Home - P. Creeden 

Virginia's Vocation ~ Zina Abbott

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  1. This is so very nice of all the authors! God Bless you all. The Lockets and Lace books sound like very good reads and the covers are Beautiful!