Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Blog Tour Tuesday: ABBY AND JOSHUA by Sheila Hollinghead

This week's Blog Tour Tuesday features 
Abby and Joshua
the third book in Sheila Hollinghead's 
Down by the River series
Special Announcement: On the day of release, Sheila Hollinghead will be giving away six Down to the River swag packs. Items include six paperback copies of all three novellas in one book, Down to the River. Also included will be magnets with pictures of horses, cowboy hat chains, bracelets, and other great prizes. Two of the six winners will also receive coffee mugs. For more details, visit Sheila’s Facebook Author Page on September 30th.

 About Abby and Joshua:

Sometimes the force of a tornado pulls us from the mire, but other times the soft breath of a cowboy is all that is required.

A good-looking, young cowboy keeps showing up at Abby Harrington's door ... even at the most inopportune times.

Abby is older than he is, not to mention heavily pregnant and with a brood of children. Besides, she is still legally married and distrustful of men.

Why, then, does she slowly respond to the cowboy's friendship?

The return of her man from her past thrusts Abby into a life-threatening situation. Will she have the strength, knowledge, and faith needed to survive?

The soft breath of a cowboy gives her everything she needs.

Excerpt from Abby and Joshua:

          Mrs. Franklin entered her room with a young lady. “I’d brought Miss Williams by to meet you.”
Abby’s heart sank. Miss Williams couldn’t have been more than twenty and had a vibrant beauty. Her aqua-colored eyes contrasted with her dark, glossy hair, mostly pulled sedately back in a bun. Sprigs of curly hair framed her perfect face. Rosy cheeks and naturally pink lips made her a picture of health and vitality. Abby touched her own lips, remembering how pale they’d appeared only a minute before when she’d seen herself in the mirror.
          She became aware the two ladies awaited her response. “How do you do, Miss Williams? Please let me know if my children do not attend properly to their lessons.”
          “Oh, I’ve met your children! They’ll do fine, I’m sure. And such beautiful children! Your daughter looks so much like you.”
          “Thank you,” she said automatically. She wasn’t sure Miss Williams spoke the truth. Susie looked a lot like George as did Tait. Wade favored her the most.
          “I’m so sorry you’re confined to bed. I’ll come back to visit when I can,” Miss Williams said.
Abby smiled and nodded. “Your company would be a pleasure.”
          “I must hurry back to the children now. We begin our first lesson today. It was so nice to meet you, Mrs. Harrington.” Miss Williams gave a smile, revealing straight white teeth and hurried away.
Mrs. Franklin fetched the breakfast tray and set it across Abby’s knees. “Now, what would you like to talk about?”
          “Are you from around here?” Abby asked.
          “About ten miles south, as the crow flies. My husband and I had a small place, big enough for the two of us. God never blessed us with children. My husband passed last year, and I moved into town. When I saw this place needed a cook, I knew the Lord truly answers prayer. So, here I am!” She beamed at Abby and without prompting continued. “When I heard children lived here and a baby, with another on the way, my joy could not be contained. I love the wee ones so!”
          A nod and smile was all that was needed for Mrs. Franklin to prattle on. Abby ate her breakfast, one of the best meals she’d ever tasted, and thought of Joshua. Miss Williams would be perfect for him. She was beautiful, and young, and most importantly, not encumbered with a bushel of children. Why would Abby even think for a moment he’d be interested in her?
          Any attention he’d shown was simple pity. Her husband had run off with the housekeeper, and gossip was rampant on the ranch. He’d merely felt sorry for her and tried to be kind. Obviously, he was a God-fearing man.
          Anyway, if she did like him, as she admitted she did, she’d only want his happiness at heart. Miss Williams would make him far happier than she ever could. And once he got a look at her, he’d never give Abby a second glance.

Abby and Joshua is available from Amazon. Please CLICK HERE.

About the Author, Sheila Hollinghead:

          At the age of ten, Sheila Hollinghead discovered a treasure trove of books hiding in the furnace room of her family’s new house. These books, westerns, mysteries, fantasy, and the classics, opened her mind to the power of story.
          Being the daughter of a soldier, she has lived many places, none home until she returned to south Alabama. She lives with her husband, three dogs, and two cats near the farms where her ancestors lived and loved.
          She agrees with Emily Dickinson who said, “I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and I look at it until it begins to shine.”

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  1. Congratulations, this looks like a great read. Wishing you all the best with your writing. Looking forward to all that you will write. Doris