Thursday, February 6, 2020

Towns in the Old West. The Old and the New ...

Don't you just love an old west town? There are places out there that have changed over the years but still hold their old west charm. Hi, I'm Kit Morgan and today I want to share just a few. If you ever get a chance to visit these, please do!

First up we have Virginia City, Nevada. I've visited this fun little town, that back in the day, wasn't so little. Back in the day, it was a boomtown and home to the single richest deposit of gold and silver ever strick in the continental united states. Folks came from all over to make their fortune here and often did! Of course, they also lost their money to the many gambling houses, or got shot, or -- no surprise here -- got killed in a mine! I've visited Virginia City and today it's a tourist attraction with many old buildings and homes still in good condition. It's definitely worth a visit!

Here are some photos of the town then and now. 

Next up we have Deadwood, South Dakota. I'll be attending Wild Deadwood Reads this year in June. It will coincide with Wild Bill Hickock days and should be a lot of fun! I've always wanted to visit this fun, old west town. Back in the day, it was a shoot 'em up, bang, bang, sort of place. Visiting it now will be much safer!

And though I've never visited our next town, I want to. I've been in multi-author group projects where the setting took place not far from Cripple Creek, Colorado. It was also a boomtown and a great place to strike it rich for a time.

And since we're comparing, one of the biggest changes from then to now is San Francisco, California. I've been to San Francisco quite a few times having lived in the San Joaquin Valley for a few years. It's a fun place. I would have loved to have seen it back in the day!

Wow, what a progression! This summer if you have the chance, visit an old west town! They're fun and have so much history to discover! I'm looking forward to Deadwood. Join me there if you can!
Until next time!


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