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Post by Doris McCraw
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1879 Map of Leadville Colorado
from World Maps Online
By 1880 Leadville, Colorado had grown from a tiny mining community to one of the largest towns in Colorado. This town, at an elevation of 10, 151', was a wild boom town. It saw the likes of Doc Holiday,Wyatt Earp and possibly the James brothers. Margaret Brown, known to the world as Molly Brown was there. It was also the scene of brawls, gunfights and killings. It was a place where many found their fortunes, including the Horace W. Tabor, who divorced his wife Augusta, to marry Elizabeth 'Baby Doe' McCort. 

Into this town, in late 1878, came the Sisters of Charity. They were: Sister Bernard Mary Pendergast, Sister Mary Crescentia Fischer, and Sister Francis Xavier Davey. According to the below article, from the June 3, 1879 issue of the Leadville Daily Evening Chronicle, they traveled through the treacherous winter weather, around Christmas time, through the mountains to care for the sick and build a hospital.

Of course the article alludes to six, but it began with the above three, as far as documentation shows.

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  1. Doris your pride and love of Colorado shines through in all your articles of your beautiful state. It's good that you've shone a light on these brave, dedicated women and the work they did. I enjoy all your research/stories.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. There are so many stories that get lost to time. I want to share them so they are no longer hidden. Doris