Monday, March 18, 2019

What will Silverpines do now?

If you've kept up with the Silverpines multi-author series, you know that March 19 is the release date for the next book. It's my Wanted:Developer.

Denver Hughes arrives in Silverpines just as the fire is being put out. His job was to help bring new services to town such as water, sewer, telephone, and other development that would bring growth to the town. All his plans went up in smoke, literally. Now that job is much bigger.

Isabelle Stewart, called Belle by everyone in town, needs to find a job to support her two children, her mother-in-law, as well as herself. With the business district destroyed there is no opportunity for employment. Or is there?

Here's a snippet.

Belle walked to the door. She straightened her jacket, patted an escaped curl back in place, took a deep breath, and knocked.
“Come in,” came from behind the door.
Belle pasted a smile on her face and entered.
Mr. Hughes looked up and stood. “Mrs. Stewart, it’s a pleasure to see you again.” He came around the desk and held out his hand to her. Belle made sure to shake it with a firm grip. She wasn’t going to be a limp-wristed female, quaking with fear. “Please, have a seat.”
When they were seated, Belle looked straight at the man she wanted to hire her. “I’ve thought of a way I can help you with the challenges of your job.”
“Oh?” Mr. Hughes leaned back in his chair and steepled his fingers under his chin.
“Yes.” She paused then continued. “Whatever plans you had developed for Silverpines went up with the smoke of the fire two days ago. Now, not only do you need to make the improvements to the town, but you need to negotiate with the business owners who will want their businesses rebuilt and opened as soon as possible. For that you need me.”
He raised his eyebrows. “I do?” There was a slight smile on his face that irked Belle. He wasn’t taking her seriously.
“Yes, I know the people. I know what personality quirks they have. I know what appeals to them. How you can overcome their objections to whatever you might suggest.
“Some will accept the changes being made in town. Others will want to rebuild just as it was before. We are at the start of a new century. The improvements the city council have envisioned will improve Silverpines, leading to growth and development some will embrace. I, for one, am looking forward to running water in my home. Others will fight any sort of change. You need someone who everyone knows who can be a buffer between the newcomer, you, and the new ideas you bring with you. That someone is me.”
“What you say has merit. Why should I hire you as my assistant?”
“I know everyone in town. Every business owner. I also know their wives. Many were my playmates as a child. I am also efficient, competent, and talented. I’ve taken a course in typewriting, so I can type your correspondence.” Belle didn’t mention that had been eight years ago, before she was married, and she hadn’t touched one of the machines since. It wouldn’t take long to become proficient again.
“Why is knowing the business owners wives a benefit?”
Belle nearly snorted. “You know of the disasters that happened a year ago. The women left behind ran those businesses after the men’s deaths. They survived and stayed here in Silverpines. They bravely advertised for husbands to help with their businesses. Don’t think that just because they have married they turned everything over to their husbands. Each lady is actively involved. They won’t be left out of the decisions being made about rebuilding. If you think you only have to convince the men, you will fail. The women won’t be shunted aside.”
He nodded, a thoughtful expression on his face. “You are a widow, aren’t you?”
“Yes.” Belle swallowed down her grief. Though Emery had been gone over a year now, it still felt like she’d kissed him goodbye as he headed for the mine that terrible morning.
“You didn’t have a business?”
“No, my husband was a miner.” She hoped she didn’t have to explain more.

Does Belle get the job? Read Wanted: Developer and find out. Kindle, KU, and print(soon if not the 19th.)

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