Thursday, September 27, 2018

Worth the Wait

Worth the Wait

Charlie Ransom was ready to start his new life in Texas. He'd bought the Sundown Ranch and ordered a mail order bride. After the War Between the States, he was tired of the dead and dying and eager to start a new life and family.

Ruby Lee Baker eagerly awaited the man who'd written her letters. He sounded so tender and good. After living in a big family and scraping to survive, she was more than ready to have a life where she didn't have to worry about her next meal and bear the burden of taking care of her brothers and sisters.

She only had one request that he had to meet before she would agree to marry him. Unfortunately, it was the one thing he couldn't give her now.

Would he be worth the wait?
Sweet historical romance set in Texas.
This book was also in the anthology ~ Under a Mulberry Moon.
Enjoy the read.

What would you do? Would you wait for the love to come, or marry him to have a secure life?

In the past, times weren't easy for women. Choices were few and opportunities less. Many had to settle for a marriage forged in necessity and survival rather than love. Actually, love and marriage are a relatively modern thought.

History tells of arranged marriages. Political marriages which at times cost the bride her head. How about you?

Would you wait for love or take the next man who appeared to be able to provide a secure life for you?


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