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Victorian-era Personals... No Privacy! (A FREE BOOK!)

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During the latter half of the nineteenth century, newspapers throughout the United States featured a "Personals" column, wherein details of everyday life were announced to the general public. In today's world of HIPAA, signed consent forms, and privacy suits, the thought that anything could be published in the Personals feels beyond outdated.

In my soon-to-be-published full length (~400 pages) novel, Unmistakably Yours (set in 1887), my characters discover the raw side of the Personals column, as news in the day of snail mail traveled as fast as in the days of Twitter.

Here are a few fine examples published in the Personals of the Clay Center Dispatch of Clay Center, Kansas, on June 17, 1886 (about a year before my book is set).

Personals, Part 1, The Clay Center Dispatch of Clay Center, Kansas on June 17, 1886.
 Oh, no. Look at the next one. Mr. Dan Smith will be out of town for four weeks on important business. I wonder if there's a man at home? Is the house prime pickings for a robbery?
Personals, Part 2, The Clay Center Dispatch of Clay Center, Kansas on June 17, 1886.
Personals, Part 3, The Clay Center Dispatch of Clay Center, Kansas on June 17, 1886.
 None of these seem terribly alarming, but can you imagine circumstances where you didn't want someone to know, say, that you were away from home, or that you'd "passed through town," or that you were about to close a business deal?

Surprisingly, "Hotel Personals" announced who had registered at hotels in western towns. From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch of St. Louis, Missouri on November 2, 1888 (one year after my story is set), this "Hotel Personals" column appeared:

"Hotel Personals" from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch of St. Louis, Missouri on November 2, 1888.
Times have certainly changed. Instead of watching the Personals for sightings of important people, today's public snaps pics of celebrities and post them on social media with hashtags.

I wonder what our Victorian-American ancestors would have thought, if they could see us now?


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  1. I think our Victorian-American ancestors would be so shocked and embarassed by what they would see. After all, the word pregnant wasn't even allowed to stated aloud. So many euphemisms from that time period. I was raised by grandparents who were still using items from the turn of the century and with Victorican manners so I know how shocked they were in the seventies. I can't imagine what they would think now.

    1. So true, Sheila! And consider the clothing choices today, and what is now acceptable to wear in public... I think our Victorian ancestors would've fainted.
      Thank you so much for stopping by, contributing to the conversation, and sharing your memories.

  2. I can imagine what they'd think. Just have to remember my mother. Hi Kristin. Miss you. I have a book coming out the 15th, Priscilla, The Widows of Wildcat Ridge, Book 1.

    1. I'm chuckling. Yes, I imagine your mother would've had very similar ideas to our Victorian American ancestors's. =) I miss you too! Congrats on the new release, Charlene!

  3. Thank you, Carla! Thanks for stopping by.