Monday, September 17, 2018

Wanted: Bookkeeper Silverpines #14

By Sophie Dawson

Wanted: Bookkeeper 
Tilde Lasek wanted to advertise for a husband when the ladies of Silverpines first sent them after the earthquakes devastated the town leaving it without men. Her mother discouraged her. Now there's been an attempted robbery at the Silvepines Bank Tilde runs since the deaths of her father and brother. It was the last straw. She posted an advertisement without her mother's knowledge. Now her groom is here.

How does Mabel, Tilde's mother react to a surprise husband for her only daughter? How do Tilde and Joel Richards work together as well as work out their marriage by beginning as strangers? 

The fourteenth book in the acclaimed Silverpines series brings people you've read about in previous books back together as the town continues to rebound from tragedy. 

Wanted: Bookkeeper becomes available Tuesday, September 18 for Kindle, KU, and print. Pre-order also available.

I enjoyed Tilde coming into her own as she defies her mother doing what she knows she must. Joel Richards comes from Cottonwood, Iowa for a fresh start. You may remember Joel from Giving Love, Book 3 in my Cottonwood series. He's all grown up now and ready to find the love of his life.

P.S. Yes, I know the cover on Amazon has Bookkeeper misspelled. It will be fixed on the 18th. I can't do it until it's released.😉)

Sophie Dawson writes sweet and clean romances in both historic and contemporary genres. Her novels have won awards as well as critical acclaim.

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