Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Christmas Outlaw

It’s almost Christmas Eve, the day of her wedding.  
How can the happiest time of her life become the most terrifying?

Christmas Eve is five days away.  This is the day Sheriff Jim Hawkins will marry Charlene Lehman, the woman who will make his life complete and be the mother of  his six year old daughter, Sally.  

Adam Jacobson, a wanted murderer, is apprehended and it is up to Jim Hawkins to deliver him to Pueblo, Colorado.  “I’ll only be gone for two days, Charlene.  Nothing in this world will keep me from making you my wife.”

True to his word, Jim makes it home only to find both Charlene and his daughter missing.  Heavy snow has covered any tracks to their whereabouts and nobody has seen a thing.  All searches have come up empty.

Will the magic of the Christmas season come through or has Jim lost everything he has come to cherish?

A little teaser from The Christmas Outlaw.... 

     Sundown came and went and there was still no baby and no Clem.  Jeb’s belligerence got worse with every swallow of whiskey until he was in a drunken stupor on the floor.  Sally was finally asleep.  She had been cranky from being cooped up inside all day with nothing to keep her occupied. Belle was in a constant state of agony.  Charlene, tired to the bone, was afraid something was very wrong!

     Blessed silence filled the cabin, if only for a few seconds.  Charlene laid her head on the bed and closed her eyes, wishing for just five minutes of sleep.  It wasn’t snowing anymore.  The sun was out warming her skin while a blanket of snow covered the ground for as far as she could see.  Someone was talking to her.  Charlene turned and saw Jim standing there.  He wore black pants and a crisp white long sleeved shirt.  His smile and the glow in his eyes set a fire in the pit of her stomach, spreading throughout her body.  His strong hands pulled her into his embrace.  Her heart sang when she heard the words, “You may kiss your bride.”  When she looked into Jim’s eyes the love that was once there was replaced by fear.  “Charlene!” he yelled.

     Charlene’s head popped up from lying on the bed and the same look was on Belle’s face.  “What’s wrong..”  Charlene was yanked to her feet by her hair.  Jeb threw open the door and pushed her outside, slamming the door after him.  The snow had stopped.  It was bitter cold outside, but neither of them felt it.  Jeb was too drunk and Charlene was too scared. He took the last swallow of his whiskey and then threw it down. “It’s because that sheriff of yours that my brother ain’t here.  I’m going to take particular delight in killing you and that daughter of yours.”  He scratched his stubbly chin as he advanced. “Then I’ll finish off Belle.  Never could abide taking orders from a female.”  Charlene felt for the gun but it wasn’t in the pocket of her skirt.


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