Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ahhhh, Winter ...

Hi, Kit Morgan here! And I'm not the only thing that's here. Winter is coming, for many, it's already upon you. Unless of course, you're in one of the southern states. In which case, sorry, no snow for you! Because what do we think of when we think of winter? Hot cocoa? Skiing? Building snowmen with the kids? And all those lovely Holiday themed books! Oh! Reading Bliss!
But what was winter like for those in the old west? Brrrrr!

I'm currently involved in a multi-author series revolving around a small mining town in Colorado. It's Christmas themed and we have a snow storm going on. One thing we modern-day folks think about at this time of year is sleigh rides. In our story, we have a passel of brides coming to town but wagons can't get through. So, one of our heroes has to utilize "runners" to be able to fetch the women. At first, we had one wagon with these runners going to fetch 12 women, then realized that wouldn't do at all. It would take at least two. After all, it's supposed to be a small mining town. One that wouldn't have some fancy sleigh at hand.
Back then they wouldn't have had such a conveyance. No, it would be much smaller. In fact, when one thinks of a sleigh ride, one tends to lean toward something more like this:
Sleighs seating two, maybe four passengers. But we've got twelve to transport, so I'm afraid all we have to work with is something like this:
And since we're in a mining town, mules would be the order of the day for pulling our sleigh and getting our passengers to their destination. So be glad you can dream of a fun sleigh ride, instead of having to depend on a wagon with runners attached to it to get you down a mountainside in a snowstorm. Yikes!!!! But at least with the tight fit, everyone would stay a little warmer!
Here's wishing everyone a fun and safe month of December! To check out my books you can take a look here!
Until next time!  Kit


  1. Kit, I am enjoying these books, but, getting behind in my other series! LOL

  2. Awesome pictures and historical information. Thanks for sharing.