Monday, February 22, 2016

Countdown Day 7 - Awesome Carriages in History

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While I was writing my most recent release, Cause of Conflict, I was curious as to what kind of carriage my characters would most likely take around New York City. The first thing that came to my mind was a hansom cab, like the one Fred Astaire drove during the movie Top Hat.
However, I found this totally awesome website put together by the Long Island Museum which shows carriages from that era, and I learned that the hansom cab wasn't in common use until ten years after my book was set, so I had to use a regular cab instead. That's all right - better to be accurate, even though the word "hansom" is more fun to use.

The thing I love about this website is the way it shows all the varieties of carriages and tells the uses for each. The pictures are fantastic - look at this one.

There are pictures of the interiors of some of the carriages as well. Not only was the time I spent on the site educational, but it was so much fun. I'm not saying I want to give up my car, but I wouldn't mind spending an afternoon riding around in one of these beauties.
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  1. I still remember the 'hay wagons' and the fun I had in those. I've ridden in the teamster wagons of the 1870's and what a treat, but a bit of a climb to get in. Thanks for the fun information. Angela/Doris

  2. I rode in a sort-of covered wagon once. It wasn't very authentic. Those things look like lots of fun!

  3. Growing up on my grandfather's farm gave me many sweet memories. It wasn't the '20s but helped give me a love for the simpler life. I miss it.

  4. What a terrific website you found! Accuracy is so important in historical fiction, and I cheer your determination to get it right, Amelia. Thanks for sharing.