Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Receipts from the 1800s - December 1876


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Peterson's Ladies Magazine 1876 - Receipts for MEATS - December*

Boiled Turkey - Wash the turkey in tepid water, and rub it all over with lemon-juice. Then put it into a sauce-pan full of boiling water, with a large piece of butter, a couple of onions, a head of celery, some sliced carrots, a bundle of parsley and sweet herbs, whole pepper, mace cloves, and salt to taste. Let it boil slowly, and remove carefully any scum that may arise. Serve with oyster sauce, or a puree of celery made as follows: Boil two or three heads of celery in salted water, with a bundle of sweet herbs, and some whole pepper and salt to taste. When thoroughly done, pass them through a hair-sieve; melt a piece of butter in a sauce-pan. Mix a tablespoon of flour with it, then add the celery pulp; stir, and dilute to the proper consistency with milk or cream.

Pigeon Pie. - Take six young pigeons. After they are drawn, trussed, and singed, stuff them with the chopped livers, mixed with parsley, salt pepper, and a small piece of butter. Cover the bottom of the dish with rather small pieces of beef. On the beef put a thin layer of chopped parsley and mushroom. Season with pepper and salt. Over this place the pigeons. Between each put the yolk of a hard-boiled egg. Add some brown sauce or gravy. Cover with puff paste, and bake the pie for an hour and a half.

*Remember, these are receipts/recipes from 1876 - I have NOT tested these, just providing them as a peek back into the past

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Blog Tour Tuesday: SOMEWHERE STILL by Denitta Ward

This weeks Blog Tour Tuesday features 
Somewhere Still
by Denitta Ward

Book Description:

For Readers of Before We Were Yours and the Orphan Train and lovers of The Great Gatsby

Roaring Twenties. Kansas City. One woman's transformative journey of love, betrayal, and redemption.  

From the day Jean Ball lands a job at the elegant Empire hotel, she quickly learns the secrets of the entitled class. Dazzled by a Roaring Twenties society on the cusp of radical change, this naive and innocent young woman finds herself dancing, bobbing her hair, and falling for Elden Whitcomb, the handsome son of the wealthy hotel owner. The stakes rise when the Whitcombs’ powerful secrets are revealed and loving Elden comes at a price – one that may be too high for Jean to pay.

Shattered and alone, Jean's in the battle of her life in a city alive with romance, smoky speakeasies, jazz music and scandal, but divided by race and class. With the help and encouragement of influential women, Jean may find what she has always needed, though her choices could echo through generations. But will the man she trusted and so fiercely loves redeem himself?

About Somewhere Still:

Somewhere Still, a historical fiction book explores the Roaring Twenties through the eyes of a young woman coming of age in Kansas City and offers a unique window into the history and culture of the city at a turning point in its development. Denitta Ward, author of the Somewhere series, blends history and fiction to tell the story of one young woman's transformative journey of love, betrayal, and redemption.
Savoy Hotel & Grill
Denitta Ward uses historical sites and real events to explore Jean's transformation from an innocent young girl to a self-assured woman, making her way in a society in transition. Somewhere Still aims to give insight into 1920s Kansas City, a city on the cusp of significant change. During this time, the city's society women united to urge social advances, the jazz culture was born, baseball's famous Negro League was formed, and the city had a burgeoning Prohibition bootleg trade. Featured locations include Kansas City's Petticoat Lane, Swope Park, the Emery Bird Thayer Dry Goods Company, the Savoy Grill, and the prestigious Wentworth Military Academy.

Clean, wholesome romance set in the Roaring Twenties. Free for KindleUnlimited or Kindle version .99 cents

Purchase Links:

Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble (Paperback only)

About Denitta Ward:

Denitta Ward, a Kansas native and author of the Somewhere series, writes historical fiction from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains featuring young women discovering their own resilience in times of transition. She holds a Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University Law and obtained her undergraduate degree in Women's Studies and Political Science from the University of Kansas. She is a member of the Women's Fiction Writers Association, the Historical Novel Society, and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers.

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