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We are on a countdown to the days getting longer, Christmas and a New Year. It can be a busy stressful time. It can also be a source of joy, love, and friendship. So let's countdown the days.

The day this post goes live is Dec. 18. three days before winter officially begins and the days will start getting longer. On Dec 18, 1860, the Rocky Mountains News had this piece of news:

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December 19: Daily Mining Journal, Black Hawk, CO 1865

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Dec 20: Rocky Mountain News, Denver, CO. 1869

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Dec. 21: Colorado Daily Chieftain, Pueblo,CO. 1872

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Dec. 22: Colorado Transcript, Golden, CO. 1875

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Dec 23: Colorado Springs Gazette, 1876

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Dec.24: Boulder News and Courier, 1880

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Through the years, the Holidays have been celebrated in many ways with each group of people bringing their own special ways of making the time special.

I enjoy reading the newsprint of those days gone by. In many ways, it brings a connection to all those who came before and who will come after.

From December 25 to January 1 we continue to prepare by keeping our warm holiday thoughts as we prepare for the coming year. While I don't make resolutions not have goals. Instead, I have intentions for my continued journey on this planet.

I wish everyone a wonderful season and a prosperous New Year. And just in case you think I don't write about the season, the story, "Gift of Forgiveness" is about what is most important to me; love and forgiveness. In this scene, the hero, John, has stopped by the widow Nettie Hascall's home and is telling her two children a story. Here is the short excerpt:

 "You are staying for dinner, aren't you John?" Albert asked.
"Yes, please stay," Ila added
"How can I turn down such a lovely request; that is if it is okay with your mother."
"We would be honored," Nettie responded, heading into the kitchen to start the meal. Walking away, she heard John telling the children some story about a mule. Fascinated, she turned around to listen.
"Well, it seems this mule was acting sick, so the owner decided to do something to make it feel better. Of course, you know mules, it decided that it didn't want anything to do with the medicine, so it jerked away and ran down the road a few blocks."
Nettie could see the two devouring every word. John did have a way with telling stories. Nettie smiled at the joy on her children's faces. Nettie still mourned Jacob, but she and the children needed to move on with their lives.
"So what happened?" Ila asked, eyes wide with interest.
"Wouldn't you know it, the mule just ran those few blocks and then passed out," John paused, looking from Albert to Ila and back again. "The folks all gathered around making suggestions. One person said they should twist his tail."
"How would twisting his tail help?" Albert questioned, a perplexed frown furrowing his brow.
"I doubt it would either, in fact, it didn't, so the next person said to give him flour, and still, another said to use gun powder and on and on came suggestion after suggestion."

What a story John was weaving. Nettie found herself grinning as she listened. Even she wanted to know what was going to happen.  
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Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday and a prosperous New Year.
Doris Gardner-McCraw
Author, Speaker, Historian-specializing in
Colorado and Women's History
Angela Raines - author: Where Love & History Meet
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