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Receipts from the 1800s - December 1876


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Peterson's Ladies Magazine 1876 - Receipts for MEATS - December*

Boiled Turkey - Wash the turkey in tepid water, and rub it all over with lemon-juice. Then put it into a sauce-pan full of boiling water, with a large piece of butter, a couple of onions, a head of celery, some sliced carrots, a bundle of parsley and sweet herbs, whole pepper, mace cloves, and salt to taste. Let it boil slowly, and remove carefully any scum that may arise. Serve with oyster sauce, or a puree of celery made as follows: Boil two or three heads of celery in salted water, with a bundle of sweet herbs, and some whole pepper and salt to taste. When thoroughly done, pass them through a hair-sieve; melt a piece of butter in a sauce-pan. Mix a tablespoon of flour with it, then add the celery pulp; stir, and dilute to the proper consistency with milk or cream.

Pigeon Pie. - Take six young pigeons. After they are drawn, trussed, and singed, stuff them with the chopped livers, mixed with parsley, salt pepper, and a small piece of butter. Cover the bottom of the dish with rather small pieces of beef. On the beef put a thin layer of chopped parsley and mushroom. Season with pepper and salt. Over this place the pigeons. Between each put the yolk of a hard-boiled egg. Add some brown sauce or gravy. Cover with puff paste, and bake the pie for an hour and a half.

*Remember, these are receipts/recipes from 1876 - I have NOT tested these, just providing them as a peek back into the past

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