Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Release Day for Perfectly Unacceptable by Linda Carroll-Bradd

This novella is my third in the series and book 13 overall. Although a stand-alone story, Perfectly Unacceptable features cameos of characters from the first two stories, Perfectly Mismatched (Book 1) and Perfectly Unscripted (Book 9).
BLURB: Jared Manning was left wanting on two prior marriage attempts, and this time he wants to be assured of a bride. So he commits to a correspondence courtship with only one potential mail-order bride and anticipates the arrival of Dina Valdis, a retiring schoolteacher, in time for the town’s Harvest Dance. He knows just how he wants his picture-perfect married life to be and assumes he’s found the perfect woman to fulfill the role.
                Dina is passionate about being a schoolteacher who sparks the love of learning in young minds. An incident in her hometown of Kingston, New York forces her from her job, and her reputation is smeared. Not wanting to become a hermit, Dina is reminded how her cousins, Aurelia and Rilleta, found happiness with their husbands in Jubilee Springs. Thinking this is her only option, Dina heads west as a mail-order bride. Seeing the size of the tiny town almost sets Dina running, but an attraction for this handsome miner keeps her there. When she learns the town’s children have no teacher, she starts a campaign to educate the townspeople. Soon, she’ll have to decide if the attraction she feels for Jared is stronger than her passion for teaching.
GIVEAWAY: One lucky commenter will win his or her choice of either Perfectly Mismatched or Perfectly Unscripted (or a backlist title of your choosing).
As a child, Linda was often found lying on her bed reading about characters having exciting adventures in places far away. In later years, she started writing romances and achieved her first publication--a confession story. Now Linda writes heartwarming contemporary and historical stories with a touch of humor.
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  1. Oh my. I always thought it sad that women had to chose between their career and marriage. I wish you all the best on this story. Doris