Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Music of Her Heart Cover Reveal

Hi there. Sophie Dawson here.

SAS has given me the privilege of revealing the cover of my next book on their site. Thanks, Ladies.

Music of Her Heart, Stones Creek Ladies of Sanctuary House #2, is nearly finished with its first draft. I’m ready to write the climax and charting new territory in my writing as it’s a type of scene I’ve never done before. Nope, not going to give any other clues than that. 

If you’ve read any of my Stones Creek novels, you’ll know of Sanctuary House. It’s a place for women from Sanctuary Place Mission for Women to live while they are courted by the men of the town and surrounding ranches. All the Ladies have challenging pasts. 

Yes, I’m going to make you scroll down to see the cover. It’s nasty of me, I know.

Laundry Lady’s Love was the first in this spinoff series. If you’ve read it, you met the main characters in Music of Her Heart. Gema Volkovichna who was orphaned as her family immigrated from Russia and traveled across the country heading West spent four years at Sanctuary Place. She’s come to Stones Creek hoping to work and possibly find a husband. 

Red Dickerson had been given the mitten (Cowboy phrase meaning she broke the engagement) by Laura Duffle in Laundry Lady’s Love. When Gema escapes from her kidnappers, Red finds her. Three nights spent in the line shack during a spring blizzard makes for a reputation-saving marriage. 

Now, Gema and Red have to learn to be husband and wife. Does love follow? How does the Music of Her Heart play into their relationship?

I just love how his hand is on her leg. Red’s protective instincts shine through in the image.

For a peek at the opening scene, check it out on my Little Bits Blog. I'll post more snippets there soon.  

Release of Music of Her Heart is set for November 16.  In the meantime, if you haven’t read any of the Stones Creek books you can find them on Amazon on my author page: Author page https://www.amazon.com/Sophie-Dawson/e/B0084POHB6/


  1. Great cover and I agree with your observation about proctiveness. Very best to you on this story and the series. Doris