Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Blog Tour Tuesday: A Begrudging Bride by Amelia C. Adams

I'm technically a day late for Blog Tour Tuesday, but if I don't point that out, no one will notice, right? And it will just be our little secret?

I'm very excited to announce the release of A Begrudging Bride, Kansas Crossroads Book Eleven. It never occurred to me that this series would take off like it has and that I'd have so much fun writing it even after this many installments. 

The blurb: 

Suddenly left an orphan and forced to leave behind her beloved Kentucky ranch, Camille Waterford answers an ad for a mail-order bride and begins her journey to Wichita, where she will begin her new life. When she reaches Topeka, however, she's plagued with doubt, and decides to remain where she is, taking a job at the Brody Hotel. She plans to pay her groom back for whatever he spent to bring her out west, but she just can't go through with the wedding. He's not happy when he hears the news, but she needs to find her own path and discover for herself what love really is. 

And now an excerpt: 

Camille Waterford clutched her reticule as the train pulled into the Topeka station. “We’ll be stopped for half an hour,” the conductor announced. “Feel free to get off, stretch your legs, and maybe eat a little something at the hotel, but listen for the whistle so we don’t leave you behind.”
Getting off the train sounded wonderful. In fact, there was nothing Camille would rather do. Gathering her skirts in one hand, she climbed down and stood on the platform. The sky was a bit overcast, but it wasn’t snowing like it had been in Kansas City. She paced along the edge of the platform, her stomach twisting and turning, and finally, she sank onto a bench near the station. She couldn’t do it. She just couldn’t. She’d become more and more certain with each passing mile.
She rose from the bench and approached the ticket window. “Excuse me, sir. How do I get my luggage off the train?”

You may purchase A Begrudging Bride by CLICKING HERE.


Amelia C. Adams is the author of nineteen Western romances and will be releasing her twentieth very, very soon. She loves taking long naps, watching good movies, and eating tacos. If she could figure out a way to do all three at once, she would. She has a very full publication schedule coming up this next year and invites you to follow her website to stay on top of everything. Of course, the trick to that is making sure to update her website . . .


  1. This sounds extra good. Congratulations on such a wonderful series. Angela/Doris

  2. I am in awe of the covers on all your books. I just love them. This one sounds like a wonderful story!